The Unflushable Turd Woman

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  1. I really hope the US elects a halfway decent woman to be the first female president. No politician is ever great. The best you can hope for is somewhat okay. But this "we need to elect a woman because it's current year" is dangerous and stupid.

  2. It was the left that introduced the idea of "fake news" back in 2015-16. There was a lot of bunk click-farming "news" being linked through Facebook at the time targeting pretty far right, low info type people — but I don't remember even the most diehard Trumpers caring about any of those sites one way or another. Trump re-tooled the concept to apply it to the mainstream corporate media concocting bunk narratives. Ironically, because of MSM's larger audience, it ended up fitting better as a criticism against them than against the click-harvesting sites.

  3. Hilarious guys, she is one of the worst people I’ve ever seen, Trump was awesome for america, her and her nasty democrats have spent time and money trying to ruin that man, she should be in jail along with the swamp turds,

  4. Next up. Mitt Romney waxes poetic about his sad loss and the speech he had for his father. John Kerry laments his failure to defeat one of the most hated President's in recent times and the ghost of his grandfather's final dying wish. Al Gore reminisces on his controversial loss and how it truly hurt his dog's mental health.

  5. It's a very common debate tactic to pre-emptively project your own faults onto the other side because it makes the counter-accusation look like a weak "No You" when really it's just true.

    The people going on and on about fake news and information bubbles are mainly upset that they've lost the monopoly on discourse. They're mad the media, their pet megaphone, is becoming irrelevant in favour of social media, where it is still possible to encounter non-establishment opinions and facts.

  6. As an American I don't care if a woman is in office or a man I just want someone who is not a power mad cheat and liar who is sad she did not get enough time in office while her husband was in

  7. I often have this problem at home. What I do is to get a bucket of water and I pour that down the toilet at the same as flushing . Perhaps that would work on this piece of odure.

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