The Uniparty Remains Terrified of Donald Trump

They wouldn’t suggest upending centuries of precedent if they didn’t think he could win:

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  1. It's Trump or let the GOP establishment burn to the ground for me. The more they try to destroy him for trying to implement even the most common of common sense policies and flat out lie about him, the more I will support him and if I have to I will vote against the GOP in 2024 if that's what I takes for these despicable people to get the picture and get with American first or fuck off.

  2. The REAL Owners of this country will NOT ALLOW Kari Lake to win. Why? because she is going to EMBARRASS your DeSantis, Abbott, And other GOP jellyfish invertebrate Governors because they will NOT throw out the cheap fodder labor of ILLEGAL ALIENS. Kari Lake is Trump 2.0 = she is FEARED by the Establishment – and this is typed by THE biggest authoritarian ashwipe what want to lock up MILLIONS of oxygen-wasting scum and give America the Enema is has been begging for for at least 40 years….

  3. So why would a billionaire member of the Democratic party self fund becoming the ¿POTUS? and lose most of his fortune¿ Why would the richest man in the world burn through his fortune to expose government ¿corruption?. Go figure it out.

  4. I hate to say this but I think the near decade of uniparty and media full court press actuall Is having an impact….Im still four square in his court but several family member of mine who were Trump voters in 2016 have told me they wont vote for him again

  5. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that there are very rich, powerful ppl that are working around the clock to take down America. These ppl can’t stand that regular ppl can become filthy rich and they don’t wanna share the beautiful parts of the world with regular ppl…

  6. Trump 2024 or the GOP will go down. The UniParty & in particularly the fake GOP was nothing without Trump. Trump revived the Republican Party! Look at what he as done with the latino vote? Latino for Trump/Gabbard 2024

  7. Saying they are terrified of Trump because he gets into office and does what he said he was going to do, circa 2016, promises made promises kept, doesn’t explain the level of putrid disdain for DJT. There has to be something else? What is it?

  8. What I don't understand why billionaires who, after all, make their money from a thriving middle class, would not support Trump. Oh well, ideologies can override logic and reason. Too bad more of them don't think like Elon.

  9. I'm dead serious when I ask this:
    Point to me a single 'Young Face' from the Neo-Politician Crowd. All of the Young Politicians I'm hearing about are either Outright Far Left Socialists or America First.

    Give me ONE no Give me a small handful of Politicians who are 'Young' and are still Neolibs or Neocons.

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