The United States is running out of oil

The United States is running out of oil, fast!

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Written by Gordon Dimmack


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  1. Everything is pointing to a complete collapse of the USA. They aren’t doing anything to manage their consumption and so still buy big gas guzzling trucks whereas many developed countries have reduced consumption through high taxes. The population of Europe and Russia is three times that of the USA and yet we are using less than the USA.

  2. Can't buy oil with monopoly money figures on a computer.

    Russia will only accept payment for gas in Rubles not worthless US Dollars .

    The US Banking system collapsed Sept 2019 .

    No one noticed because we had a convenient pandemic and then Ukraine.

    The pandemic was engineered via a 2019 age specific fl* sh*t and a new US made strain of common cold let loose at the Wuhan military games.

    People over 65 who got the 2019 age specific fl* sh*t or anyone who got near them up to a few weeks after had no defense against the US made strain of common cold..

  3. Well done Gordon I never thought of it like that but it makes a lot of sense about the Americans I use to think they were good but like you I can see what they are doing they're the Pitts and when they rushed out of Afghanistan I thought that would be It for there wars but Biden said he would find another war but I would of never believed that they would go after Russia I no there's been a lot of back and forth over the years I'm totally against this war in Ukraine and the way it has been set up to make Russia look bad and I am mad that Johnson and the EU are going for it I mean smashing everything on the say so of the US I wish they would wake up and see it's the US that is the enemy they like you said want to sell the oil and gas to the EU and that is their goal and I think we have the worst leaders I have ever known they're doing stupid things and not seeing what the us Is doing and as you know if it was not for Russia the Americans would probably be running the world and it looks like that is what they are trying to do I mean I hope Russia standing it's ground with the bull dog Us I no it could end with nukes but I have not seen the US being so despite to take over everything and I think you are spot on Gordon it funny that there is only a few people can see what is happening I wish they would stop this before everything is lots

  4. I have a feeling they're playing a very dangerous, Capitalist driven game of greed: taking over all the world's oil as and when they can, while sitting on reserves they hope they'll have the technology to extract and use when the rest is depleted…so the world comes begging, and they can resurrect/restructure the petrodollar to new, lofty heights and clout.

  5. No, Gordon, they LIE to us to hide the fact that the US sociopathic money ADDICTS have been taking over countries since WW2 to EMBEZZLE from their governments via the massive scam of "privatization". Sure, the greedy sociopaths want to control all the resources & get the money for those things as well, BUT the narrative of wanting to take the oil of other countries is just more BS to dupe the public & hide the major corruption goals, just like the narrative of demonizing any leaders who do not submit to the US corruption is also used as part of the curtain of lies they have told us to keep us duped. They tell us they want to take the oil, but they want to HARM THE COUNTRY until it submits, and harm the economy of any country they are after by keeping the target country from using their own oil, wheat production, whatever the sociopaths can do to harm them.

    Also, the oil from Canada is TOO DIRTY FOR NORTH AMERICAN USE, it is all for export to developing countries!! The bastards lie about EVERYTHING – and lied about this Canadian oil to use eminent domain ILLEGALLY, saying the pipelines were for the public good when they were actually only for PROFITS TO THE FEW.

    I have more info as well. I believe it is CRUCIAL for us to know the EMBEZZLING SCAM the US has done in all countries it takes over. Read the overview/exposé below – just 6 paragraphs – to see what is behind the curtain of lies they dupe us with. Information is power, and knowing what the scammers hide from us will mean we can do good OFFENSE, be effective in fighting the corrupt liars, not just keep reacting as the sociopaths keep doing their tyranny and taking everything from us.

    Here is what the US criminals have done all over the world, since WW2:
    1. Take over a country by coup, assassination, lies about government being corrupt or by threat or invasion so they can…
    2. Implement their EMBEZZLING scam of "privatization", taking over government services & systems and national assets so the corrupt liars can handle fiat government money & BILL THE GOVERNMENT ANY AMOUNT for running such things; they provide themselves with massive exec salaries and insanely high profits, becoming oligarchs and billionaires.
    3. Lie to the public ENDLESSLY to keep us duped.
    4. Praise leaders who submit to US corruption & demonize leaders who RESIST or reverse it – like Putin, who reversed the US plundering done under US puppet Yeltsin, like Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela, like Gaddafi wanting things nationalized and government money going to THE PEOPLE, like Morales in Bolivia, like Assad who said NO to a US pipeline through Syria, and so on.

    The demonization of both Russia and China is part of the multipronged US sabotage of the BRICS coalition since 2006. The greedy sociopathic money ADDICTS hate that those two countries are doing fair deals with other countries and helping them escape US control, corruption, privatization and loansharking.

    Also, vax co's & digital ID systems to control & subjugate us are "privatized" (as are quarantine camps). The scheme was to get TRILLIONS from many govts FOREVER while arranging to squash us so we could never rise up to stop their corruption, tyranny and inhumanity. They tried many pandemics previously to enrich themselves with government money, this was the most coordinated one – and used the most coercion.

    More specifics re "privatization" embezzling: Yes, in general a government can issue ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY for anything that is physically possible; the corrupt know this and have used that knowledge to scam the public and embezzle government money. They take over government services, conning the public about "saving money" and being "more efficient", but those are lies. The costs actually become higher because the corrupt liars overbill the govt for everything, billing ANY AMOUNT, providing massive exec salaries and insanely high profits. And they give us REDUCED services, because their sociopathic greed and money addiction means they take more for themselves and do not supply what they are supposed to supply for us.

    Basically, the US has built a global corruption cartel, taking over countries (and their media) to EMBEZZLE from their governments. The UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand were coopted and corrupted in the 70s; the massive embezzling that ensued by taking over the many dozens of government services, support systems, assets and resources they had is what gave rise to the billionaire class in the 80s!

    We need a successful INTERVENTION on the lunatic money addicts in power who lie, destroy and KILL for more "money fixes". They are totally UNFIT TO GOVERN and should face charges of dereliction of duty, violating the Constitution, embezzling federal money, crimes against humanity, war crimes and more.

  6. The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act gives 2 MILLION acres of public lands to BIG OIL. That's 3,125 square miles for fossil fuel companies to frack and extract. (The U.S. is 3k miles across just to put it into perspective or 4828.032 kilometers) The land has to be offered to BIG OIL before any renewable energy can even be built on those lands. Now think about this bill in the context of the absolute destruction of Europe's energy markets.. Seems right on time eh? Private corporations are going to absolutely destroy what's left of the U.S. clean water, poison our lands and air just to sell more expensive energy to Europe. The corporations and politicians will pocket the profits, the U.S. citizenry will pocket the pollution and poison, and European citizens will come out of pocket for energy bills. So no I wouldn't say we're out of oil, they'll frack and extract until the U.S. craters into itself. The theft of other's resources is just the cherry on top of the cake for these psychopathic maniacs. Stealing resources is more than just about the resources themselves, yes they can profit or utilize them for themselves, but it's also about geopolitical goals by destabilizing regions they wish to control. The U.S. is stealing Syrian wheat as well, and we're definitely not out of that either. By denying a country their own resources, you deny them their right to self determination.

  7. The Us has no oil. they lie about their reserves, otherwise, why are they going begging to oil producing countries in a middle of an oil crisis that is affecting the Us? you are right on the button, the US has no oil reserves😀👌

  8. well done old chap. you have exposed a well kept secret. the US has no oil, they are bullshitting everyone, and it is plain to see. why not dig up the oil if you have it? they cant, because they dont have it. they are bs artists😀👌

  9. I hope the usa collapses, the amount of trouble they have caused in this world aided as always by its lapdog uk,. is frightening, …good one gordon ,..telling it as it really is

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