The Unvaccinated Will Never Forgive and Never Forget What Happened

A recent article in The Atlantic called for “Pandemic Amnesty” and asking people to “forgive one another for what we did and said” over the past 2.8 years. Well for the Unvaccinated especially that were dehumanized and ostracized from society that’s going to be a big HELL NO!!

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  1. The truth is out now … look st the facts that to many it was bleeding obvious .. you can't take that poison out ! we live in a world ruled by a psychotic cabal of elite … WEF and others im proud i stood up for freedom hard to get easy to loose !! 😤🙏🏽

  2. Reduced quality of life for years for nothing. How could that be redeemed?

    Majority going along with it, showing themselves to be weak, and irredeemably stupid.

    Failed society.

    Fire up the volcanos. 🏔⛰️🌋

  3. I really need one of Foley's chill pill's💊after watching that!
    I'd love to be Dan's sign language interpreter so that I could use my own script & at least communicate what I think of him in public to those who understand. I wld be considerate enough to throw in some hand gestures that every Vic wld understand & appreciate.
    This will also provide me with the opportunity to be within arms 💉💉💉💉💉💉💉 reach of the clown. 
    I cld accidentally on purpose wave my hands around abruptly as a way of expressing myself & knock the carn't out without facing any consequences. 
    Heck – I'll just be the silent & affective  interpreter who like him is doing a great job under the circumstances.

    1️⃣ Ridicule🤏 🤓👈
    2️⃣ Eyes🤜👀🤛
    3️⃣ Smirk 🤜😏🤛
    4️⃣ legs/spine🦵🏏
    = 😭 🤕 🚑
    5️⃣ Reward🏅
    6️⃣ Give thanks 🙏
    7️⃣ Celebrate 🕺💃


  4. The unvaxxed are on the right side of history, congrats to us, for we survived the biggest most expensive psyop in history ever! There was be no amnesty, we will not forgive, we will not forget!

  5. I'm STILL being discriminated against because I'm not vaccinated.

    Woolworths Group has released a statement to the media saying it 'no longer requires team members to be fully vaccinated' – but if you go to any of their advertised jobs on Seek, what does it say? "Woolworths Group has announced it will be requiring Australian team members to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (subject to medical and religious exemptions)."

    It's all just lip service to fool people who still tune into the news every night. The media and corporations are not to be trusted anymore. They will tell you one thing in public then the opposite in private to avoid liability. Abandon all faith in the system, if you haven't already.

  6. (huge yawn)

    I’d be far more concerned with what is happening to your fellow Vaxxers:

    Christopher Stalford, (photographer) Chris Coulter, Jamal Edwards, Gaia Young, Michelle Hayes, Jordan Robinson, Cameran Wheatley, Lucy Taberer, Ernesto Ramirez Jr, Leah Carolan, Dr. Paul Farmer, Founder Of Partners In Health, Jamie A. (Knox) Bouchard, Katie Novak, Kevin Gregory, Madison High principal David Robinson, Conall McGuiness, Autumn Tennison, 21… RIP.

    Betsy Castle (elementary school principal), (college student) Heather Marie Rotz, Paula Cohen-Martin (author), coach Stephen Spitzer, Sandra Clifford, teacher Cathy Malgieri, Labour MP Jack Dromey, Preston Settles, Tobiloba Taiwo, Javier Silva-Biotti, Daniel Perkins age 36, Alice Koh, Christopher Cowe 15 yrs old, Victorian Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching, Calvin Middleton, Knoxville teacher Eric Robertson, Shane Warne (cricket player), Dr. SarahBeth Hartlage, Senior Australian investment banker Chris Forman aged 48, makeup artist AJ Crimson age 27, pharmacy owner Lakeram ‘Mike’ Singh, Kelly Ellis age 33, European Parliament President David Sassoli, technologist Erin Julia Beebe age 26, History teacher Morar Ashburner, Megan Reid, 17.… RIP.

    Essex high school student Ryan Heffernan, age 12, Firefighter Kenneth Enright, footballer Red Og Murphy age 21, officer Joseph Kabungo, Kim Lockwood 34, Kasey Turner 18, Rugby player Maddy Lawrence 20 yrs old, John Paul Viggiano 45, Mary Jane Thomas, director Uwe Bohm 60, 14 yr old Aaron Vasquez, … RIP

    Scottish parliament official David Hill, Irish UN Jim Kelly, 16-year-old Welsh football player Elgan Jones, cyclist Tomas Walsh 43, cyclist Andrew Oliver 36, Edinburgh dad Darren Dickson, Ryan Lerkee age 33, NI businessman Ciaran McGuran age 43, Christopher Crisler age 38, Tomas Walsh age 43, footballer Thomas Rankin age 26, Robert Doogan 33, Rutgers U student Ronald Anthony Croce 24, St Louis County executive Cora Faith Walker, PLYMOUTH – Town Clerk Pearl Sears, vocalist Keaton Pierce, country singer Jeff Carson, Zarife Imeri, 23, Cedric baekeland 28, Helena de Marco Lavalle- 5 Year Old Girl From Brazil, math and science teacher Amy Depp, footballer Jorge Salmerón Mezcua age 13, Gregory F. Scelzi, "Greg" age 17, journalist David McKechnie age 45, Michael 'Mikey' Hynes, 22, Jody Keenan 39, Michael Hynes 22, Emily Louise Throckmorton 44, musician Simon Clulow 39, Allen Ray Grimes, II 32, Adam John Ocker, 35, Dru Curtis Gladney 65, Maria Cristina Taralli 45, Cuban Judo champion Estela Rodriguez 54, John Paul (JP) Ramel, bass player Tim Feerick age 34 yrs, 20 yr old softball player Lauren Bernett, Amanda McManus 36, Robbie Roper 18, Julian ‘Jools’ Sweeney 14, Layth Maumoniat 12 yrs old, Neil Campbell 45, Rachel Quinn 27, Sushant Singh Rajput 34, Karly Scott, 24, Mary Frances Cronin, 23, Oliver (Ollie) Heimreich 12, principal Philip Carollo 56, Lazar LaPenna 10, high school teacher Charles Pyng, Anna Burns 12 yrs old, Scottish DJ James Roy age 33, high school teacher and coach Charles Pyng age 45, Denis Ruano 18 yrs, cyclist Rab Wardell 37, bethany jones 23, Charlbi Dean Dies at 32, math teacher Trisca Beasley, 55, Olyvia Cowley 24, Clinton “Clint” David Hopkins 33, Elia Fiorio 24, Eli Palfreyman 20, Joe K. Vissers 34, teacher Desrene Steer 48, Jalen Hill 22, Eitan Force 13, musician Casey Alan Sanderson 44, Naomi Young 41, Tyler Erickson 17 yrs old, Canadian News Reporter Matthew Rodrigopulle age 24, YouTuber Katie Donnelly 18 R.I.P, publicist Scout Masterson age 48, Vincent Ciantar 45, Jack Grozier, 23, reality star Jazz Burkitt 28, Tuqiri Blackwell 18, Gwen Casten 17, Adam Bradshaw 37, Manish Jain 35, Christian Hobbs, 17, Christopher M. Coha 25, David Sutton 31, Robert Cormier 33, Jack Burnell-Williams 18, Jack Pollock, 14, Emma Horrell age 31, David A. Arnold died 54, football player Sam Westmoreland 19 yrs old, Mark Herbison 33, Samantha Crosbie 32, Preschool teacher Megan Fisher 39, John Thomas “Jack” Duffy, Jr. age 35, Arsenio Puro 46, Edward John Scarisbrick 46, Gareth Moore 40, Daniel Moshi 17, Samuel Awkasi 13, … RIP.

    RIP to Petra Mayer (NPR), and Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial, both JUST had their booster days prior.

    Kim Mi-Soo and Brittany Lauderback , Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Alexandros Lampis… RIP.

    Eric Blumreich, Coach Ron Frederick, EMT Matthew Clancy, Bradley Bowman, Serbegeth Singh, Breck Denny, TikTok creator Candice Murley.. RIP

  7. Hey Vaxxers!

    Today, it is well established that they do nothing to stop/slow the spread, nothing to prevent covid sickness, and there is no evidence that they do anything to "lessen symptoms" either.

    So, what exactly is it that you believe these drugs do for you in reality?

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