The Unvaxxed Will Be LOCKED OUT From the Economy

Daniel Andrew, the Australian Premier of Victoria, is flabbergasted after announcing the unvaxxed will get segregated and locked out from accessing the economy.

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  1. “Healthcare is a human right”

    *Terms and conditions apply. See the current definition of 'human' which requires up-to-date vaccination status

  2. Luckily they disarmed their citizens already, so they have free reign to do whatever knee jerk actions they want without the burden of collecting and analyzing data!

  3. Time to start another economy and community. Build it away from the system and have it ready to go when the system collapses…which it will. Bucky Fuller always said that this is the way to go.

  4. i think we can all agree that for our safety we need to make a sealed metal bunker and put ALL the politicians in that and throw the bunker in the deepest parts of the ocean

  5. To state the obvious this guy is a megalomaniac, where is the science? as ambiguous as him no doubt, the WEF are ramping up the heat, maybe their house of cards is crumbling, hold firm , when was it a crime to remain human, surely it is sensible and prudent to await further data of the vaccine before torturing yourself with this elixir of HELL!

  6. This virus was created by adapting animal coronaviruses (sars-cov2 and variants) to make the jump to human infections and be more harmful (gain of function,) in a communist military facility partially funded by grants under the NIH's NIAID branch directed by Faucci, according to 900 pages of documents released by the government under a FOIA request, inciting demands in Congress for DOJ referrals. The medical establishment failed to aggressively treat patients early on, causing hundreds and thousands of unnecessary deaths and actively suppressed the efforts of the doctors who tried to do so. Baylor released an ambulatory (outpatient) treatment algorythm 10 months ago that contained recommendations derived from a study including widely used safe and cheap drugs that were previously ridiculed by the media and so-called fact checkers, who still adamantly refuse to discuss the issue from the perspective of patient outcomes and well-being instead of their cult-like view of authoritarian fiat. Crooked politicians have sold us out. The slave masters are gaining ground. We need to stand up for ourselves, together, before it is too late!

  7. Is it just me, but if your saying that your vaccinated, you have nothing to worry about. But if your NOT vaccinated, your spreading the virus? Pretty sure that's a chance we take. BTW, there is still no vaccination for the common cold virus???????? Been around millions of years.