The US And Ukraine Have Every Reason To Lie About The War

Ukraine’s only chance at stopping Russia in the near term would be if it could persuade NATO powers to take a more direct role in combat, like setting up a no-fly zone as President Zelensky has persistently pleaded with them to do. One way to get around NATO’s rational resistance to directly attacking the military forces of a nuclear superpower would be to appeal to emotion via atrocity propaganda. By circulating a narrative that Russia has done something heinous which cries out to the heavens for vengeance, regardless of the risks entailed.

The United States would also benefit from circulating atrocity propaganda about Russia, in that it would further consolidate international support behind the agenda to economically strangle the nation to death in facilitation of the empire’s struggle for unipolar planetary hegemony. Even before the invasion the US was already pushing the narrative that Russia has a list of dissidents, journalists and “vulnerable populations such as religious and ethnic minorities and LGBTQI+ persons” who it plans on rounding up and torturing.

To be clear, it is not conjecture that the US and its proxies make use of atrocity propaganda. The infamous Nayirah testimony for example helped manufacture consent for the Gulf War when a 15 year-old girl who turned out to be a coached plant falsely told the US Congressional Human Rights Caucus that she’d witnessed Iraqi soldiers taking babies out of incubators in Kuwait and leaving them on the floor to die.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. It seems the moral compass is spinning round and round with this UKRAINIAN conflict , thank you for helping keep that moral compass pointed in the direction of truth and common sense .Thank you Caitlin and Tim .

  2. Thanks for remembering the "babies out of incubators" whopper. I was immediately reminded of it when the media began barking about Russian attacks on a children's hospital, endangering mothers giving birth. They really need a new creative team with some fresh ideas.

  3. I was born in ‘61 & have never lived in a time where the American empire wasn’t lying to US about the foreign illegal activities it’s doing (& domestic bs like the drug wars). We’ve become nothing but a 1984+Handmaid’s Tale dystopian nightmare! Our fascist censoring of all but govt narrative is New Speak! Neither book was meant to be a manual, yet here we are.

  4. The story about Russian chemical use was after the Russians released a story about Ukrainian biological warfare capabilities. Every country studies disease. We are being lied to by our government's propaganda. But from the many stories of Ukrainians calling their mothers and fathers in Russia and telling them they're being bombed and their parents not believing them it would appear that currently the Russian people are subject to the greater propaganda.

  5. Sorry but the Russian Defense Ministry 's statements have proved entirely reliable so far while those from the west and Ukraine rely on manipulation and outright lies. Their is no simple equivalence here. Russia seems to understand that wars are not won on Twitter

  6. Thanks for doing your part to rage against the machine. It's important for all of us to keep pushing back on the Mighty Wurlitzer which hypnotizes and holds enthralled the masses. I think the evidence gathered by Russia in Ukraine and discussed at the UN has a high likelihood of being both authentic and damning. It's the response of our media that leads me to believe this. After all, I've seen no actual evidence other than the extremely high level of response from our media and our government officials. It appears that they are very worried about this.

  7. It boggles the mind that people can just hear her say she is concerned about bio labs in Ukraine and not find it wildly alarming that high level dignitaries of the US seem to know what kind of bio labs Ukraine has. How can one listen to her and not conclude that the US has it's hooks deep into the current Ukraine regime?

  8. If ANYONE should know all about LIES, it would be the United States Corporate-own and operated fake "government". How their people can continue to support their "government" and their many lies to the world, as well as to their own citizens, is beyond me!

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