The US Anti-War Left is Dead. The Squad’s $40b War Vote Just Killed It.

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Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. Can you imagine what we could do in our own country if all this money was kept here? No money to Ukraine, Israel, Pakistan Gender Studies… maybe then we would be able to feed our babies… we are so doomed.

  2. AOC is a one of the most obvious charlatan's. I'm a bit surprised to see it took Glenn 3-4 years to finally arrive at the conclusion she's a charlatan. It was obvious once she was elected. It should've been even more obvious when for the past 4 years, she has voted to increase the military budgets 4 times. Meaning, she voted for the continuation of the imperialistic wars the US engages in. She's exactly like Bernie Sanders. They both virtue signal nonstop while voting for the very thing they're virtue signaling against. AOC monopolized off virtue signaling and got elected from it, and she continues to get re-elected by virtue signaling even though her votes contradict her virtue signaling. I imagine the orher politicians in this "Squad" posse do the same things AOC does.

    There hasn't really been an "anti-war left" for about 20 years. The politicians in congress are either conservatives or reactionaries that love them some neoliberalism. It's kind of sad/funny that in the US the conservatives are considered "the left" and the reactionaries are "the right." People should stop buying into "the lesser of two-evils" bullshit democrats pull during election time, but that won't happen.

  3. The anti-war left has been dead for decades. In the winter of 67 spring 68, in the wake of the "summer of love" a group of ministers, psychologists and movement leaders have analyzed that 85 percent of the so called left were only in it to make the scene (get high, get laid or both) The oligarchs don't give a rat's ass about the people. They only care about war. That's where the money is made. Yeah I'm one of the 15 percent.

  4. Folks, this is a REAL Journalist.
    The folks that work for old Legacy Media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, Times, Post ect ect are not Journalists but Stenographers who just publish pre written statements from their Government Handlers.

  5. Many of the self-described lefties hem & haw, apologize and don't confront directly. _ they are kids on a good perch perhaps

  6. America is a disgusting country! I hope it collapses as soon as possible when everyone turns away from the petrodollar! That will make this world a better place!

  7. There has never been an "anti-War" Left. Look at John Kerry and the other Vietnam-era frauds. They always have been pro-power and most obviously pro-attention.

  8. AOC cozies up to the establishment Dems while Biden pumps another 40 bill into the coffers of Raytheon and Lockheed. Not a SINGLE "progressive" Dem considers deescalation a possibility.

    Exacerbating domestic inflation, $53 billion squandered in Ukraine over 2 months, while Russia's annual military budget is $69 billion. Economically frustrated Americans will turn on Biden and the Ukrainian cause.

    Well NATO missiles in his backyard are going to result in military action, but Putin probably wants out by now. Ukraine has abandoned the pursuit of NATO membership. We need top allow him to save face and pull out. Or this could go on for years…

    "How can you think you're protecting Ukraine by pouring $40 billion worth of extremely destructive weaponry onto their soil to ensure that the war lasts years instead of months, while your government is blocking diplomatic attempts to end the war? "

    "…the state of the American left. The only place where dissent is permitted to be heard and where you find no votes against US war policy in Ukraine is on the American right.The only places on TV yo u can go to hear dissent over the escalating involvement of the US war in Ukraine is on a couple of Fox news shows and the American left is cheering the squad or remaining silent as they send $40 billion more to Ukraine."
    -Glenn Greenwald

    Unquestioned and unlimited, continuous war in Ukraine is the only bipartisan project amongst our lawmakers. Not the economy or out-of-control inflation. Not COVID. Only goes to show the pervasive influence of the military-industrial complex on "our" politicians.

  9. This weeping business needs to be scene for what it is. It manipulates in called out situations that should not happened in first place. The ones who hold these political power positions need a good understanding of ethical standards. These people don't. This goes for this BLM woman that is under scrutiny. The tears so not appropriate in these contexts.

  10. I have a sincere question! Why there's NO ONE who's really a progressive between them?!
    How come nobody really exists that is anti-imperialism?!
    Does the whole system work in a way that an anti-imperialist person is not even close to being elected?!

  11. I'm from continental Europe. Been voting democratic socialist for more than two decades now.
    The US left — to the extent it existed in recent years — committed collective suicide when they settled for ThE LeSsEr Of tWo eViLs. Now, "being left" in the US is synonymous with pro-censorship corporatist imperialism, the o n l y discernible difference to classic fascism being their obnoxious w0ke-signaling. 😔

  12. BAM!

    Work that spice weasel Glenn Greenwald! Poetry.

    You forgot to mention the neo-Prog's aggregious weasalling out of Jimmy Dore's "Force the Vote" "Medicare for All" campaign, but I forgive you.

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