The US Chose This Conflict: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Just your regular reminder that the US empire (A) had solid intelligence that this war was coming, (B) knew they could prevent it by making very reasonable, low-cost concessions like promising not to add a nation to NATO that they didn’t want to add anyway, and (C) chose not to.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. Your speaking my language Caitlin. I hope it's the language of millions upon millions, and that they have the courage to speak it everywhere.

  2. Last year Putin/Lavrov said that they would strike the executive source of attacks, so if the conflict appears to be becoming a quagmire the focus will turn to UK/US/DE/IL, probaby before RO/PL bases etc

  3. Empires never concede on anything. And they never forget. They always overreact to any kind of resistance to their will.
    What Rome did to Carthage is the perfect example.

  4. It's okay, folks. People like Stephen Colbert, Larry Summers and George Takei are willing to pay more for gas and food to defeat Russian tyranny.
    Personally, I'm willing to pay more for gas and food to defeat tyranny in the United States. 👍

  5. Thanks Tim, once again masterfully articulated. How media blatantyl lying, I wish I would have never seen these time. But listening to you , Richard Madhurst and few other sane voices does make us feel bit comfortable. Human tendency or psychology to believe in authoritative narrative has been exploited by democratic Nazis worse than any other systems on planet. Recently US military "biolabs in many countries" related news breaking. Chinese spokesperson has made a statement. Mumbo-jumbo Media will never utter a word.

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