The US Economy Is Heading For DISASTER And It’s Only Going To Get Worse Going Into 2023

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  1. biden and democrats agenda was to destroy United States. They having a elite meeting with Kissinger and the CIA and big tech and head of the National Security Technologies UN / NATO here in the U.S.Why do they have to have a meeting with head of CIA we know Kissinger's 98 years old and he thinks he owns U.S. he does call the shots.
    There's nothing good coming out of their meeting for the U.S. citizens.

  2. LMAO; mainstream media is lying. With these gas prices and food prices, the recession is already here. What is coming our way is a depression.

  3. Are you going to do anything about this?? You have the right in your constitution to do it. But I bet you won’t, until it’s far too late.. The politicians/Elites will be fine though, while you starve and die.. They’ll party it up with YOUR MONEY and just watch.

  4. What would the average electric bill increase per month from charging an electric vehicle every night. I'm seeing some ev charging stations require a 200amp service. That's the same as a house.

  5. I mean we had a decent economy on Jan. 6 then a bunch geniuses had too much time on their hands and then magicaly Bidens 1st day in office he closes the pipe line and a cascade of events soon follow. Now everyone's too busy trying to survive to try and take over the government. Proving some idiots can't have anything nice.

  6. How do you build a new economy and have the dream of davros, destroy the one that is currently in place and then we will own nothing and we will be happy for it.

  7. Been saying this for over a year. I can’t wait for it to come crumbling down because I’m in a stable career making good money and will be buying land and a home. Before then I’m buying a trailer.

    I can’t wait for the rich to start eating each other. Who’s in for an end of the civilization party?

  8. How's the working class dealing, try again how the hell are poor and lower classes dealing with it. I feel sorry for those on a fixed income.

  9. The democrats are intentionally destroying America so they can establish a new world government and economic system. The problem with this is not only the death and destruction that this will involve but the new system's only priority is authoritarian control for the elites. The actual effectiveness of their system is irrelevant to them so long as they can have total control. To achieve this they cannot have the USA not playing along with this so the USA must be destroyed.

  10. what?… there is no security in journalism.. those people are rich kids who spunge off their parents for the basics of life (rent, car etc)… that's why they are such prats in the media, it's a class of entitled, spoilt, losers who have a "voice" and a platform… they are poison

  11. we should make the president live according to the economy. so right now Joe would only be allowed to eat oatmeal. as the economy gets worse bread and water… and if people start starving insects and other bugs.

  12. The leftist protestors at the Supreme Court Justice's homes without the Justice Department upholding the laws is likely Red Pilling the Justices on the 2nd Amendment issue. I bet they are feeling a powerful need to have the ability to protect themselves and their families. Do you think they feel safe and protected by the government security forces? I doubt it.

  13. CNBC is never correct on long term market outlook. Ever. They either bring retail to provide liquidity to market makers by signalling the economy is expected to recover, or they keep retail away when the markets after bottom so that institutional money can scoop the lows

  14. Regular cars have battery's as well as many other parts like actually the whole thing is made from thing that are mined and or refined im all for ev's but still love a good old hotrod just saying

  15. You all will lose weight.

    Trump trade war —-> china released covid—-> supply chain problems—-> Ukrain Russia proxy war—-> supply chain crisis —-> hyperinflation —-> interest rates hike—-> recession depression currency war —-> civil war —-> ww3

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