The Vaccination and Quarantining of Kids for COVID is Selfishness by Old Fogeys

Old boomers fear the coof.


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  1. As they fade away into old age and eventual death, boomers greedily take one more bite out of the younger generations. Their parents fought in WWII and sacrificed for the future; while the snotty kids of WWII veterans insist that the future should make sacrifices for them, instead.

  2. As an official old fogey, I say let the kids and the young be free. I can wear gloves, masks, vaccinate, take vitamin D, isolate, etc. It's our job to protect the little ones, not the opposite. That's crazy talk.

  3. Quarantining in general now is dumb. The virus is here forever even if we have 100% of the population vaccinated because the vaccines don't offer sterilizing immunity. I don't see how quarantining at this point is doing anything other than messing up people's lives for no reason

  4. The people I’ve come across that are more terrified are not boomers but millennials. Not the garden variety, but the gung-ho, ban everything that makes me sad, fascist kind. Not boomers.

  5. Huh??? My parents are in their mid 80's, and they don't want younger people, especially kids, to give up ANYTHING for them. They say that it destroys everything they worked for. Most pf the old people I know feel that way. They take their own safety measures and just want everyone else to live their lives.

    It's not old people who are doing this, but authoritarian globalists who want control of the masses by putting arbitrary mandates on everyone. Wake up!

  6. What you are saying makes too much sense, sadly our governments fucking insane, especially in shithole Canada they keep calling for lockdowns, Australia is totally insane too

  7. No STYX, most people don’t remember what happened at the beginning of the pandemic, and who really took part in the intentional mismanagement while blaming Orange man for literally every single thing that they themselves did or planned to do next. Rules for radicals 101

  8. 2:15 not just the 70 yr old teachers, but more like the obese fatass teachers who don't know how to take care of themselves, so they blame everyone else for their health problems if they get sick.

  9. 9:40 WHAT??! Mike Gravel died?? 🙁 I'm sad. I wanted him as president over Obama. I could tell he was sincere in wanting to help America and telling it like it is to Hillary. Obama was clearly a fake to me and I never trusted him.

  10. India created a COVID kit used to treated those infected. Cases dropped to almost nothing. The kids cost less than 3 dollars. But in America we are spending thousands for a vaccine. A vaccine that does not work.

  11. Natural immunity bad ,. Vaccine good. according to CDC and Pfizer, I will trust millions of years of evolution vs 6 months of development of some vaccine that drug companies wont tell whats in it.

  12. I don't know anyone in my generation, 65 and older, who is demanding vaccinations etc., for children. We are the generation whose parents sent us off to chicken pox parties for heaven's sake. We had very few vaccines as kids. We took the hits on getting disease and developing immunity. If I have any concern for my health, I'll keep my ass home. People need to get back to school if they choose that, people need to get back to work to feed their families. I had measles. My kids weren't vaccinated until they were over 6 years old. They jack kids up with so many vaccines these days it's ridiculous.

  13. They are not vaccinating my Grandkids! The vaccine doesn’t even work at preventing covid. I know many people who had it that got it anyway. The vaccine has never been tested on children and the side effects are more dangerous then actually getting covid.

  14. Pfizer shot and ever since day 4, heart pain the dr cannot explain except bloodwork proves something not right. No 2nd jab for me. I will lose my job as a result but at least not lose my life.

  15. My grandmother just told me that the TV told her she needs to stay away from unvaxxed people. So she says that when Halloween rolls around (because thats the anniversary of when she got COVID last year, and both of them survived with no issues and barely even had any symptoms when they had it) she is going to cut off all us unvaxxed family members and wont be around us anymore. I dont feel like getting the vax right now because I'm trying to get pregnant and i've heard it messes with your cycles and it isnt tested in pregnant women yet. My son is too young to get the vax. So my grandparents are completely willing to hole up and not see us again. What the hell is that? I mean we already lost an entire year because of last year. Does this not bother them at all? And they aren't young or in perfect health so what if this is their last year with us? Even if it isn't, how long are they going to let this go on? Will they just spend their last years all alone just because the TV told them to?

  16. Dr Fauci & Big Pharma: How science has changed since 2017!! “In November, 2016, researchers from UCLA reported in the journal Science that exposure to flu viruses during childhood gives people partial protection for the rest of their lives against RELATED VIRUSES.

    This study shows that flu exposure may result in lifelong immunity to future infections. Vaccination DOES NOT provide lifelong immunity.

    In other words, immunization against viruses & bacteria may cause future problems, b/c that type of immunity can wear off. That means, especially, that immunizing children against the flu may cause consequences in later years of the child is continually susceptible to infection from influenza viruses.”

    – This information came from Dr, David Brownstein, May, 2017

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