The Various Excuses for the Invasion of Ukraine Don’t Justify the War

Denazification? NATO expansionism? Zelensky admittedly being corrupt? The sovereignty of breakaway provinces? Muh globalism?

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  1. I think a lot of the support for Russia is knee jerk opposition to the mass support of Ukraine, particularly by people who have been adversaries for a long time. This explains the reliance on Russian talking points as justification for taking that position.

    I find it quite disconcerting to see such uniform and instantaneous support for a cause on social media, traditional media and the political classes. Almost more so when it’s a cause I naturally align with. But even if the NPCs are parroting a line it doesn’t make that wrong, and the fundamental issue here is that Ukraine has a right to exist and not be invaded by its neighbouring kleptocracy.

  2. That state department check just cleared. Or maybe Styx is considered a Tik tok influencer and pushing US propaganda.

    Nice to know if Styx were president during the Cuban missle crisis he would’ve said “go ahead USSR but your nukes in Cuba because I don’t care”

    Styx’s whole premise relies on the gaslighting that NATO is just a military alliance and not a gIobohomo expansionist threat to Russia

  3. It's unreal how these fence sitters claim they don't want to get involved, even tho US and UK are directly involved in Ukraine's current nuke-less situation, while also claiming they are against war.
    Guess what morons, you can't claim to be against war when you're doing nothing to stop the war, thoughts and prayers won't save Ukraine, only an overwhelming force that will annihilate any Russian interlopers that step foot on Ukrainian soil will stop the war.

    Wake up, MSM and its globalist handlers are only on paper on the side of Ukraine, the only thing they're doing is prolonging the war, and you're helping them by not getting properly involved.

    As for Putin bootlickers, you'll get what's coming to you.
    Morons cry about muh natzees in Ukraine, yet Putin supporters are no better than actual nazis.

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