“The View” Crazies Make WILD CLAIM Defending Kamala Harris From Valid Criticism…This Is GARBAGE TV


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  1. I was just discussing how surprisingly incompetent Harris is although she has a law degree. Most of the lawyers I have met were pretty smart. Makes you think she had someone else take the bar exam for her.

  2. Dear President Putin; If you ever decide to lob nukes at the US, please consider targeting New York city (where the View and other like-minded shows are taped), San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Shitcago, Seattle, Portland, L.A. Berkley and D.C. Honestly, you take those places out, we may not hold it against you other than the radiation and fallout… if you send over a bunch of potassium iodine as an "I'm sorry" gesture. America is suffering from a pandemic of Stupiditis and I'm afraid the only way out may be a "broken arrow" option involving a nuke.
    Idiocracy wasn't a movie… it was a prophecy!

  3. This is What You Get. When
    Border Security at a All time Low.
    Horrific Crime Waves in U.S. CITIES,
    Our Oil Independence
    Thrown out the door.
    Lord Help Us. And Deliver Us from these Lunatics.

  4. Yep I'm back they always underestimate the intelligence of black women nope your friend just said it best rather she was prepared or not she was not prepared in that position she should never be not prepared quit blaming your skin color on that she just terrible at her job and she's not a good fit truth be told if you guys didn't have audience you are out your what's your job

  5. I couldn't care less about "The View" , as well as Kackling Kamala, or "Heels Up" Harris, or the "Prostitute Kamala", and the cackling hens who are so annoying and stupid. I have better things to do with my life, than to watch "The View", like running errands before I go to work, or making videos on my channel.

  6. You probably did think her answer was brilliant!!!it's right on the views level!!!! What's funny??about what's happening!!!!They don't want refugees from there cause they don't want socialism

  7. NO SUNNY, its based on the fact that she has no idea what she's doing and she is never prepared. Please, Please, Sunny tell me something she has accomplished since becoming VP, thats ok ILL WAIT!!!!!

  8. It's not a laughing matter , Both biden and harris's performance is not only humiliating to the American people , it is Dangerous for us to have such incompetent people in those positions ! Whoever placed them in office is intentionally setting us up for destruction

  9. When will we see: THEY are willing to and actively wage war against us, up to and including violence in the streets. They are ACTIVELY AT WAR WITH US. WAKE THE EFF UP.

  10. I'm not an American. Really, this is the garbage that ABC dishes up for their audiences which then are very shallow. With no real brain power between them, they can only feed off MSM, who feeds BS.

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