The View DECLARES Black Republicans ‘An Oxymoron’ | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar comment on the claim made on The View that black Republicans are an Oxymoron that received widespread backlash for generalizing people’s views based on race

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  1. It’s people like those in The View that made me almost vote for Trump (I voted 3rd party). Seriously, as a Latin it just pisses me off that elitist people like these try to put me in a box and tell me that I need to vote for someone because of my race. I stopped voting Democrat some years ago but I may just vote for Trump if he comes back around as a big middle finger to these asshats.

  2. So we can officially call their idiotic broads full on racist then right? What happened to "Black Lives Matter" in all aspects outside of just law enforcement? The demand to "uplift ALL people of color". You don't deserve that level of equality if you're black and not a dem, I guess. Wow.

  3. If you're conservative and a woman, you're not a "real woman", if you're conservative and black, you're not "actually black", if you're conservative and gay, you're not "actually gay", if you're conservative and trans, you're not "actually trans". The left are so tolerant!11!!!1!!i!!1!!I!!!11

  4. Well Krystal, as a Black man not American though but Black British, I think the word you're missing when people think Black, Latinos and the other minority races don't vote for the Left like the Democrats or Labor (UK) or shouldn't or that we should apparently have our pigmentation stripped from us. I believe the word is "Racist".

  5. Haha I don't understand Latino republicans! These people on the View can be extremely ignorant. There are no rules about minorities needing to back the Democratic party. That is basically saying, as minorities, we are incapable of not relying on government handouts. GTFO please!!

  6. It's super racists ala colombians must all be drug dealers sentiment. People should be able to identify as they please. I choose to not identify as a drug dealer it's just my side gig xo

  7. Ive never understood why the Republician party hasn't dominated within the Latino population. The group is very religious, they are hard workers that are huge family driven society. They save money, invest within their neighborhoods. If and when the republican's start to realize the power of that vote, they will never loose again.

  8. Republican Party is becoming the working class party 😂😂 my history teacher told Me this happens all the time in history where political parties switch all the time

  9. who says lots of people watch The View??? oh.. the networks.. sure.. You believe them.. no really.. do you??? I know lots of young and old people, only old retired folks watch that crap.. young people are too busy working to watch a show in the middle of the morning. .. in other words… NOBODY UNDER 55 watches it.

  10. Are Latinos that are libertarian an oxymoron too or is it just if they are republican. I need the women on the view to answer this since they know all.

  11. Black republicans are an oxymoron, if your Black why are you backing a party that is actively fighting against you?!… Then again there were black slaves that fought for the confederacy in the civil war, as crazy as that sounds. There will always be dumb people fighting for the wrong side of history.

  12. Talking about whites , blacks , and then put latinos next , its stupid , Latino is not a race . latin Americans can be whatever race you can imagine . We are a diverse group of people , My country Uruguay just to put an example is more white than the U.S , about 85% caucasian european ancestry , we dont have Natives here . And Brazil , you have black africans , white blond german types , large populations of Asians , mestizos . Peru has the larger colony of ethnic Japanese in the world outside of Japan .Cubans are very diverse too. etc. etc. You cant Judge the latinoamerican Culture as a "race" .

  13. Sunny isn't lying. The GOP doesn't care about you if you're not white and they show it in their policies. Saagar definitely got triggered but the truth is inconvenient sometimes but it still doesn't stop it from being true.

  14. So, if you're a Black/Latino Democrat, you good, but if you're a Black/Latino Republican, you bad?
    Lol! I bet she doesn't understand her intelectual blindness either.
    And they get paid millions to say dumb things like this everyday.

  15. I have a latino republican family member, I don't understand them, they don't understand how their position in this society is very fixed into a very marginalized role.

  16. It's not racist to think that minorities should not support the party that has open racists among some of it's rank (unlike Modern Democrats that favor undercover racists). However assuming you know the opinion of entire demographics is prejudice and discriminatory. However Sonny Liston does not have institutional power over a population of people therefore her prejudice or discrimination cannot and should not be characterized as racist.

  17. The black and latino community have higher rates of religious belief than the white community, meaning per capita those communities are more conservative even if they are less republican. The DNC is running into that reality right now and they are handling it poorly.

  18. That was the best segment I’ve seen from the view. I support several independent channels, including black owned channels on the left. What I found recently, is that there are DOZENS Black Owned Political channels ON THE RIGHT. Wake-up people. I need to add That they are far more successful in terms of viewers than the channels I see on the left

  19. I vote for Democrats because I don't support Republican policies. CRT is not the boogeyman and the don't say gay law in Florida is dumb, Roe v. Wade is settled law and should not be overturned, and voter suppression laws are immoral and racist.

  20. As a Black man, Black Republicans are an oxymoron. They all exude self-hatred, idiocy and bitchassness. A bunch of tap-dancin' sellouts for buttered biscuits. Edit – Democrats are trash as well.

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