The View SHUTS DOWN Guest For Questioning COVID Narrative | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to a heated interview on The View where a former co-host appeared on the show and began questioning prevailing covid narratives only to be censored by the show

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  1. I guess we don’t always have to agree with Krystal’s point of view which is good I would just like to see saagar respond with his thoughts about what she’s saying and see them work out a discussion.

  2. Clinical trials show lower rate of infection and spread among vaccinated people. Period. You may try to claim the difference is less important than your right to choose, but you can't pretend there is no difference.
    Also data from countries where there is huge disparity in vaccination rates between different parts show that hardest hit are the areas with lower vaccination rate.
    Last issue with this closeted anti-vaxxer from the view: all we know is that she claims she found doctors who believe she shouldn't be vaccinated (maybe, we cannot verify if it is true and if those doctors are competent here). Number of people claiming medical exemptions is an order of magnitude above the number of people really having medical reason not to be vaccinated.

  3. It's funny that they dont want the government dictating what they do with their bodies when it comes to abortion but it's ok for the government dictating over what everyone does with their bodies as long as the dictating aligns with their views.

  4. FYI: Vaccination dramatically affects severity of disease resulting in hospitalization for COVID. In Ontario (a province of 15 million people) Public Health Ontario reveals only nine breakthrough cases of people under 60 have ended up in intensive care in the province.

  5. "You are also much less likely to get and spread the disease if you are vaccinated, it can still happen" – "Yes, we don't know what that figure is, but it is there". So if you don't know what figures are, how can you determine that one is much less likely to get and spread the disease? Gut feeling?

  6. How did she ignore the fact that it helped reduce risk of severe case or hospitalization. The guest said it when pointing out that its the only purpose of the vaccine but that it didn't prevent catching or transmitting it. I feel like Krystal is regressing since the switch to breaking points.

  7. Lost respect for crystal snd this show, calling that woman’s words propaganda is entirely a lie, she didn’t go into very specific details and had vague claims but she did not spread propaganda

  8. 2:30 WHAT THE FUCK was that sound? That sounded like a rights Nazi disagreeing with someone. I got the vaccine. I am 33 and overweight. Not obese. I am losing weight but still i would be messed up if I got covid It took me a long time to get it. I have worked since day one with this shit and haven't caught it yet thankfully. I THOUGHT I had. I took 3 anti body tests. 1 came back positive the other 2 after negative so i got the shot. IT SHOULD BE A CHOICE NOT PUSHED onto you period. I was also reluctant when I seen how $$$$$$$$ Big Pharma was making off of this. Little sus. They don't care bout your health they just care bout profit. LOOK INTO IT BEFORE YOU BE A MINDLESS SHEEP. MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICE.

  9. JOIN THE STAMPEDE! Don't think about it, just do it. Get in line and run as fast as you can and don't ask any questions and above all, do not remember that the last time the democrat heard got stampeded, Kamala Harris got into high office.

  10. I don't understand Krystal's reasoning here. Someone is on the view to promote a book that has nothing to do with COVID and someone else is the one that actually brings up COVID and the vaccine debate. Throughout that person explaining why they do not choose to get vaccinated you can clearly hear the other women making quips and dismissing everything that is being said and making sure the audience at home can hear them as well. Now with all that being said the view is a absolute joke of a show to have anyone on to discuss a different point of view on anything, but how do you see any fault in the person that is setup by the other ladies to be attacked about her reasoning for being unvaccinated when their sole purpose of being on the show was to promote their book which was never brought up til the very end of the segment

  11. Unless you want to get Jabbed every 3 months the vax is completely useless…it only last for 3 months and does not address the variants. Why don’t they change the vaccines so that the variants are blocked?

  12. Krystal missed the point that she had natural antigens. And made the call she was better off and more protected without the shot. That was the point! She wasn’t saying don’t get the shot. And the guest was not selective. She was right.

  13. As you said, it was only 3 minutes. Jedediah cannot be accused of being selective when she had so little time. She addressed the implications and accusations of the people on the View, by “selecting” the arguments best suited to do so, all with facts. They on the other hand, straight up lied, and then censored her for pointing out that her arguments are confirmed by the CDC itself. Hostin claims the Surgeon Gen. debunked everything she said. Lies! You cannot make the false equivalency to imply that both sides were at fault here. I am a Progressive, but I must admit, the Conservative was in the right here. Mandates are bad, and that doesn’t have to be because vaccines don’t work. No one implied that. They are bad because the idea that people should lose their jobs because they are MORE likely to get the virus, is BS, especially since those fully vaccinated are MORE likely to get the virus than those that had, and recovered from Covid, who will also lose their jobs!

  14. I'm stuck in Australia because I refuse to get the 2nd D…. It made me so sick, I still have chest pain and nausea 3 months after…. & not to mention, BEFORE the 1st D, I never got sick and had contact with neighbour's who were positive.

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