The Virginia Governor’s Race Has Gotten INSANE

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Written by Mr Reagan


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  1. Government, taxpayer funded school for children.
    "A Government of the People, By the People and FOR the People." [Power derived from ALL in order to benefit ALL] (Evolution from Tyranny)
    A Government of Rulers, By the Rulers and FOR the Rulers. [Power derived from the Elite in order to benefit whomever the Elite choose to benefit.] (Regress back to how it was in 1774)

  2. I find it questionable whenever you are not even allowed to ask a question or experiments to prove that what history claims is true why's it "racist" to question and test history? I mean if it's True then there's nothing to worry about much like the audits and the election. But if we look at the claims and the amount of time that's past it shouldn't be too insensitive to test if they were able to get that volume in that amount of time. Why's it sooo wrong to question things? I don't get that! It's like a yee protesteth too much type situation so anyway there's that idk if it will get censored but maybe I just have a more open n inquis mind. I believe the bible so idk how anyone Christian can also be anti semitic makes no sense.

  3. Just voted in Virginia…. you KNOW , YOUNGKIN +2 votes from this household !! RED WAVE for Virginia 💪 America 💪 for the future generations 💪 MAGA'MERICA IS 1 NATION UNDER GOD ~ FREE &BRAVE 🙏🇺🇲💖🇺🇲💯

  4. I don't understand. When did Nationalism become a bad thing? When in history was it cool to hate the Country that has given them so much, especially America who, I believe, was the first ever to make discrimination illegal.
    I am, and always will be, a PROUD American. Call me what u want, a Nationalist, a Patriot.
    I love my Country, always will, and will always fight to save my culture.

  5. Thank you I did not know about the things you brought up about Fuentes. Although I don't like Spanberger and I think see won through fraud I regret voting for him and wish I had voted third party

  6. You know, a while back it was popular…nay almost a necessity for a parent to be involved in their child's education, heck both parties were in agreement. Now…now things have gotten so crazy that this is where we are.

  7. and how did an immigrant get into not only high political offices in england , but high positions in american politics? like ill in the head ohmar, why do we have fresh off of the boat immigrants in office? isn't that against the law?

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