The Virtue Of Being A Victim : The Psychology of Pity

From your average “Karen” freak-out, to high profile media figures like Amber Heard, it often seems everyone wants to be seen as a victim. What are the costs and benefits of being a victim, and what features define the psychology of victim-hood?
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Written by Aydin Paladin


  1. you really need to discard rich people squabbling… its just not relevant… literally nothing that the .001% of people do is relevant… they do not live in the same fucking world! Here is a lovely fun thing that most people can relate to, do you know someone that is beautiful? Maybe rich as well ? Have you ever spent time with them and seen how other people react to them? Maybe you sat down at the bar and had a meal with them and noticed the procession of people offering to buy them drinks and offering them jobs?

    Pretty girls are the gods of this world and the demigods are pretty boys… chics could have been running t his world long ago but its a pain in the ass and they suck at it so make the man things manage whether or not the factories can sources materials and sell product or make laws…. the princesses want to think about what drapes to hang and they goddamn well should because they own this fucking world, the idea they would want to adminster the bullshit is insane….

    I used to fear death, but thank you modernity I just don't even give a fuck anymore.

    "Some say the end is near
    Some say we'll see Armageddon soon
    Certainly hope we willI sure could use a vacation from
    This bullshit three ring circus sideshow"

    I'm legitimately done with all the stupid, I am sooo fucking done with all of it.

  2. I really don't get how some people can act in these ways, I can't even stand the idea of taking advantage of someone else for personal gain.

    I remebered a decent sum of money I borrowed from a more well of friend during a period of financial distress for over four months and when I paid him back he had forgotten about it himself.

    I don't bicker about inconsequential matters, and I rather accept the slightly smaller piece of a share or forgive a non-criminal grievance (as long as it's not repeated) just to get it over with and move on.

    It might be because I'm on the spectrum (Asperger's, ADD, bipolar), but I don't have enough energy in a day to waste it on unnecessary conflict, unless someone I am completely sure to be innocent is targeted.

    Although, I'd rather take the punch or verbal abuse for the person than attack myself, because I don't give a shit and I know I'm in the right.
    I suppose I might technically and hypothetically gain from it, as the person might remember me if they see me in a similar situation?

    I really don't understand friendship the way others have described it to me, and while I like being around them and can "act normal" it is very draining, but they don't judge me and I trust them and treat them with due kindness and generosity for considering me as their friend, as long as they don't abuse it and prove me wrong.

  3. I'd say the initial victim status can flip the following personal experience:
    1) you get some help as a victim, overcome the obstacle, become stronger and move on
    2) your victim status gives you no bonuses so you instinctively try to overcome this status faster coz it not beneficial
    3) you realize (consciously or unconsciously) the benefits of the victim status and try to recreate this status in more manageable (less harmful for oneself) to claim benefits

  4. This is why we must no longer glorify the victim, only survivors, and strivers who push ahead to rise above. Those who become victors over their own hardships and tragedies. Be more like Frederick Douglass and Chris Gardner rather than Talcum X or Bell Hooks. I know it was hard to overcome the knee jerk reactions to victims thanks to 24 hour news and the internet. But, you need to out long enough to get the rest of the story so you don't fall prey to professional victims….playing you once again in another con for the scarcer resources most of us work through the pain and endure to attain.

  5. Insightful video :>
    I had to cut off a friend of mine because they ALWAYS saw themselves as a victim and would complain about how much everyone hated them, and how miserable things were for them and use that as an excuse to avoid responsibility or show any care for others. It was terrible. This video helped me better understand their actions. Thanks!