The Vital Connection Between Oil and the Economy Revealed in 2 Simple Charts

PART 2 of this video:

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  1. Humans are a manifestation of matter and energy. Our entire existence consists of converting energy and matter into other forms of energy and matter. Never has this been more true than since our discovery and exploitation of the energy contained in fossil fuels, which has propelled us into the "modern" world. Consciousness and emotions are merely an algorithm to perpetuate this activity. How this cycle started, why it continues and how it ends are mankind's biggest mysteries.

  2. Venezuela has more oil than the Saudi's. Chevron just got the green light for exclusive production. Lots of oil in Alaska too. Peak oil is more of a political constraint. Just my 2 cents. 👍 Great analysis.

  3. I know most of this since 1987 or so. I studied ohysics and the economic system never made any sense to me. As a physicist ENERGY and its transformation is aall that counts. Most of it goes down the Entropy lane and gets away as infrared radiation. Without the sun we are ice cubes.

  4. Check out Chris Martenson from peak prosperity regarding energy and oil on YouTube, we can’t continue in a debt based society with less and less energy 👍

  5. I’ve heard repeatedly that if we tapped into all of the available oil and gas currently available in the world that we have enough energy resources to fund an ever expanding and growing planet for at least the next 500 years. They say that this idea of scarce resources is a big lie and that new discoveries prove that the idea of “fossil” fuel is false, rather the earth’s crust is what produces oil naturally through friction processes between the tectonic plates. I wonder if you could research these claims?

  6. It's obvious that the countries who have the cheapest and most abundant energy are the richest and most prosperous in the world.
    The USA has been at the forefront of prosperity because it rapidly increased its energy delivery infrastructure. And now we have idiots in charge
    who are anti-prosperity for everyone but themselves.

  7. 32:50 minutes in – without even taking any time to do the most basic investigation to this claim I saw on the MSM news, the fact that it was on the news, I suspected it was fake, another lie, and in the detail I assumed no account was made of the energy needed to power the lasers, this energy was ignored, taking into account only the projected energy of the laser beam. This is exactly what you've pointed out at this time position in the video.
    This reaffirms my bias that everything we see on the MSM is lie. Don't matter what it is, its a lie. Moreover, though its only the day after, there is no follow up news on this 'groundbreaking discovery', its just tumble weed. Consider if there is a mass shooting, the news never stops. A plane crash, the news never stops. This discovery, nothing.
    Have enjoyed the rest of the presentation.

  8. It's interesting that fuel/oil use is arguably more efficiently now than in the 50's. One would think that the correlation between oil use and gdp growth would start to form a more and more prominent delta. Yet the two are still linked pretty linearly. Seems counterintuitive.

  9. Capitalism must be dismantled if the majority of us are to survive the coming (& current) challenges. All that economic "growth" ended up in a small number of hands. If that dismantling is not part off the framing then the solution will NEVER work to help most of us. It's not government vs we as private individuals; it's us (the 99.9%) the working folk vs the wealth hoarders.

  10. Martin Armstrong has the same bottom line. The elite know there’s a collapse coming. The great reset (and really the great scramble) happening right now is their fight for power and control for AFTER the collapse inevitably happens. They can’t stop what’s happening. But they’re going to try to stay on top afterwards. Great video, as always!

  11. Great stuff. Never miss you on Youtube; your emphasis on energy, however, will be unrecognised because of the way people have been poorly educated. The 'exponent' (by the way) is time. The GDP growth is also 'exponential' for the same reason. 'Exponential' is not the explanation because they're both exponential. Regards from (pedantic) England.

  12. I have very little in the way of assets but I have substantially moved away from the debt based economy. So I began to ponder: what would happen if a substantial part of the populace simply disconnected from the debt based economy?

  13. Great video, Chris. It seems that public officials aren't able to make reasonable decisions that would avoid problems like this. We have to hit a brick wall before anything changes, and even then, the can might just get kicked down the road (2008 for example).

  14. I appluad you for putting this together! With everything going on right now, the best decision to be on any creative man's heart is having a profitable investment strategy.

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