‘The Voluntary Phase Is Over’ | Authoritarianism Is So Hot Right Now

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Declaration of Independence: A Transcription:
Biden said the CV v4cc1n3 will not be mandatory in the US – but he will encourage people to ‘do the right thing’:
Biden exploring possibility of federal mandate:
CDC Director says passports may be the path forward:
De Blasio Says ‘Voluntary Phase Is Over’:
De Blasio tempts you with a burger:

Written by Matt Christiansen

I thought you were bigger for some reason. -Anonymous review of my channel


  1. "The voluntary phase is over" says the government official, thinking that means he's about to do what he wants. "Indeed it is" I reply as I maliciously load my shotgun. "You had your chance to behave like you should. Now I'm doing away with you, whether you want it or not."

  2. It’s fine if a business chooses to require proof of vaccination for entry because I have the right not to shop there.
    If the government requires vaccination that’s not ok because there no where else for me to go.

  3. The Government is and will FORCE You to get a Vaccine! If you don’t get a Vaccine, you can’t Fly, you can’t buy Groceries, you can’t buy Gasoline, you can’t Travel, you can’t Work!
    The list goes on and on!
    This will be the first trial!
    There will be another!
    The Government will have another demand for the people!
    The other Mark that you will have to get, in order for You to Buy or Get!
    Seems like I have heard this from somewhere before! Ah yes,
    The Three 6s! Either on your forehead or on the back of your Hand!
    The mark of the Beast!
    REVELATION, the Last Chapter of the

  4. non-leftism: I want to be "safe" so I got poked
    leftism: I want to be "safe" so I'm forcing you to get poked
    Leftism, the ideology of force and anti-freedom.

  5. We’re almost at the time of the tribulation. Everything you see taking place was predicted by the prophets of the Lord long ago. The fact Israel exists as a nation at all in this day and age is nothing short of a miracle. But the third temple has yet to be built. We will see it built in our lifetime. Once its completed, we will have a maximum of 7 years left of this existence if the tribulation hasn’t started by then. The armies of the antichrist are already in place and continuing to gain power. There is a world leader yet to be revealed who is the final antichrist. He will be charismatic, and seen by the vast majority of the world as a peacemaker. When you see this man seat himself in the mercy seat of God in the temple. RUN.

  6. Us veterans of the treasonous War on American potsmokers be like "First time?"

    I have King County (Seattle) Senior Prosecutor, on video, at deposition, quoting Joseph Goebbels to explain why his office doesn't consider the Bill of Rights to be a thing, and the papers showing King County Sheriff asserting that 3 + 1 = 3, But King County Superior Court Judge McHale STILL took their side.

    The 2nd Amendment is the only hope we have now if you don't want your children living as slaves.