The “Vote Blue No Matter Who” Crowd Shows the Ideological Weakness of the Democrats


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  1. Dude. People were cheering on the possibility that North Korea would have a female leader before the US. I like to think that crowd is a tiny minority, but it does show that there is the willingness to forego democracy to achieve their ideological goals. It tickles their revolutionary dreams.

  2. Usually more excitement for Dems? Like Clinton, Kerry, Dukakis, Carter, and Mondale?

    Even Bill Clinton's first terms wasn't a popular candidate.

    The only popular dem candidates were Clinton 2nd term and Obama 1st term.

    This is revisionist history. Biden is on par with most candidates that Republicans and Dems run. There's a reason half the voting population doesn't vote every year.

  3. The only ideology the Democrats actually represent is power for themselves.
    Everything else is means to an end. From lying to their constituents to using the media to gaslight the populace at large, and the education industry to indoctrinate them.

  4. Best part of Trump's reelections is soon after I will be flying out to west side of Kauai and do some corn pollinating for a corn seed research and development facility, we use these little white bags to put over the female silk and it has the epic Canvasback duck logo on them !

  5. I have a feeling that it's going to be Dems to the voting chopping block in the next few years over all areas of gov't. Everyone I know is sick of the Democrats and these loony ideas they keep trying to sell us on. And now this lockdown BS and artificial economy crash? Fuq dis shiz. Dems gotta go all across the board. And to be fair, Trump should never have shut down our economy either. Close our borders, secure the elderly and those with other conditions, social distance…we keep on working and chugging along.

  6. Vote no matter who type ideas are the continuation of setting people up for systemic and habitual failure, concession, and are a form of useful-idiot-think.
    For now I doubt many people will ever consider voting blue no matter who again for the rest of their lives at this rate unless dramatic changes happen.

  7. The DNC is searching for someone to run in Bidens place, they know all is lost with him. Time is running out for a change in a candidate for them so they're trying to throw some hype into who's the V.P. going to be. I think the dems were hoping for Cuomo to rise higher than he did to takeover for Biden.

  8. I’m calling it now, if trump wins re election the democrats are going to cry foul and say why didn’t you postpone the election due to the coronavirus this is a travesty. IMPEACH!

  9. Mainstream corporate Dems always seem to go by their emotions. Orange man bad. Actually I have some respect for the far left progressives who at least stand on issues dear to them (strong unions, worker rights etc.)

  10. yea vote blue if you want to lose your freedom,citizenship,and god given rights,vote blue if you want your childrens future to be enslavement,or walk away, and remain free in a soverin nation, with rights,and oppurtunity.

  11. It's a paradigm shift, conservatism is now and has been for some time edgy. Paul Joseph Watson coined the phrase, "Conservatism is the new counter culture."

  12. DNC blew (blue) it when they attacked Tulsi Gabbard and forced her into the “bad girl“ corner and sidelined her campaign. She was the only one who stood a chance to win against Trump.

  13. The Democrat policy is only : Trump is Bad! We need someone..please…anyone…that we can vote against him. That just sounds like a recipe for disaster. How are you going to convince me & other voters that you have good polices or worthwhile ideas if the the only thing that matters is vote for Democrat because Trump! Might work on the indoctrinated, however for the discerning mind….I'd like a little more to go on.

  14. The average Republican hated Obama almost as much as the average Democrat hates Trump, but Romney showed in 2012 that it isn't enough to win on.

  15. I'm sure these people might think twice when they hear about cautionary tales of their loyalty and hard work being ignored…

    "I WILL WORK HARDER!" -Boxer the Horse Animal Farm (Anyone?)

  16. The silver lining with a Biden Presidency would be the media kneel like malnourished cows and sacrifice what's left of their brand covering up for the incompetent, incapable and unlikable shadow government they tore their brains out to elect.

  17. It's so annoying that the US mainstream media deliberately reversed the political colour representation 20 years ago. For a very long time red has been socialist and blue, conservative.

  18. Dems are still in their bubble. No one around them says how do we expect swing voters to vote for a bad candidate that even we don't like.

  19. Had a heated discussion with a woman who holds a PHD in teaching?‍♂️ and she vehemently maintained she would vote Biden if she could, for no other reason than to remove Trump. I just gave up after that, I couldn't continue on in the face of such lunacy.