The “Voting Rights Act” isn’t about Voters Rights and Must be Stopped Completely

It isn’t about voting rights any more than clean coal is clean or the patriot act was patriotic:

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  1. Conservatives are unfortunately mostly compromised of indoctrinated unthinking types.

    As much as I loathe the left, I forget how bad the right is until I join one of their social media sites and see fist hand what they believe and how they act.

    No interest or ability to leave their echo chamber, same as leftoids. But leftoids are better at the game.

  2. The Amish have a form of identification and they do not use any modern conveniences. If the Amish have ID and you don’t, you don’t care enough to vote.

  3. 7:22 Okay, then make voter id's be apart of people's state ids and driver licenses and let people get them for free instead of spending all day at the DMV!

    And let election day be a week long event where people aren't getting harassed to get to work. At least, have election day be a day off.

  4. Nope, it will pass with a lot of kicking and screaming. And the one party government is firmly in place forever more. Would take a civil war to change it. Wonder why Brandon keeps talking about the power of his government over citizen groups?

  5. Colorado has been tinkering around with mail-in voting for around 40 years. We were an early adopter of motor-voter registration. When you sign up for a state ID or driver's license if you wish you can also register to vote. Update your info through the DMV or Election Commission. Mail-in ballots go out to address on file. Far from perfect but there wasn't a lot shenanigans last time either.

  6. We need to demand nation-wide voter i.d. requirements, damnit. Although for how much longer that will matter is in question. I live in NY State, and apparently illegals are allowed to vote here. And I believe Cuomo made it so when you get a driver’s license (illegals also now allowed) you’re automatically registered to vote. What a phuckin scam.

  7. In 2016 the Insanocrats claimed the same thing …..voter suppression through ID requirements… 6 years later these people haven't managed to get any ID?How important is voting to them?How do they cash stimulus cheques without a bank account,which requires ID to open?
    The solution, enthusiastically pushed by the Insanocrats,is to change the electoral process rather than provide valid and legal identification…..
    Seems very suspicious to me.

  8. I can think of no national issue where the disconnect between what the media believes, and what American people actually believe, is so great: voter id. How can the media be so nakedly gaslighting of us?

  9. As someone that made themselves homeless getting an ID was stupid easy and free. I've also got a Social Security card, a birth certificate and a government accepted ID from prison which time I used to get clean and build a plan for release. Heaven forbid there's effort needed for something you believe in.

  10. I read a book years ago about Lenin. He would never engage in debate with traditionalist individuals, he would just call them racist and fascist and ignore them. Sound familiar? We are not fighting with your grandaddy's Democratic party.

  11. People need to stop quoting whether or not something's unconstitutional. We all know these people don't care about laws or precedent and will tirelessly keep fighting against us.

    The only rights we have are the ones we fight for (in whatever capacity). That's it. Not a piece of paper, not any kind of "should" or "would", nothing. This is something people keep forgetting.

    While yes the constitution allowed us rights for such a long time, that's because it was born by blood and sacrifice. Something we don't do anymore which leads to the dilution of things earned by prior generations. We're at a point where we have to re-earn our rights at least to a point, in order to actually have them.

    And no, I'm not saying the document is worthless – I'm saying the exact opposite. But what I am saying is that we can't expect change by pointing to papers, simply casting votes or doing what we're told or donating to charities. You have to be directly involved in creating the change yourself and cannot offload the responsibility to others. We've been offloading to politicians for way too long and ride on that expectation still and you can see where that's gotten us.

  12. Imagine your brain being so smooth that you can advocate for Covid passports to eat in a restaurant while with your second breath calling it racist to have an id to vote for the president. You think minorities are so dumb they don’t know how to get an ID? That’s actually racist. Hypocrite losers.

  13. I joined substack to support and because I wasn't aware it was free access, I thought it was a subscription prior. Also radio doesn't deserve you, you're too handsome for that (plus we wouldn't get to see all your great plants and cats)!

    Also, would you consider making a video on if/what the best strategy forward is if the Federal Executive Order regarding mandates is upheld? OSHA being defeated is a relief and a win but I do not see anyone mentioning what happens to us federal contractors whose private company's are still upholding the EO and acting like its legally binding for them to do so. I'm trying to stay strong and resist but its getting very challenging when my company has not yet processed my exemption request (I appealed their verdict suggesting I never basically take medicine again due to my religious beliefs cited) and keeps doing everything this rotten administration unconstitutionally desires. Holding out hope and faith as always

  14. Do you think a unique identifier, like a thumb print ID – one per person- which can prove in a data base the voter is only voting once, isn't on a felon registry, and is a resident in the state you vote in, can be achieved without a problem, or will the national Real ID be used as a solution

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