The War in Ukraine and the Glaring Omissions in Discourse about It

Glenn and Q. discuss how the US media treats this is as the first war to ever occur, and how this lack of memory leads to a lopsided view of what’s happening and an unjustified moral righteousness by the US.

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Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. Hi Glen. I'm so grateful for your reporting. When someone wants to know about my political beliefs I tell them to watch you. There's only one thing we don't agree on – about people really being sick from things like "Havana Syndrome". I can't say I can know the cause for their illnesses, but I can say that I know they are truly ill. Do you dismiss this as well? PLEASE do a report on this, it's important. Are governments, scientists, our medical communities, and other places in positions of power doing things to intentionally make people ill? And do they target individuals? I've been chronically ill for the past 30 years with several of the "controversial illnesses" (CFS, Lyme, EDS, Long Covid – I've been given each of these diagnoses by multiple doctors that aren't on the fringe), and millions of us are suffering from these debilitating conditions THAT DO NOT GET HELP FROM THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY and we need to have credible people report on this topic. THANK YOU

  2. Twitter today is a terrifying place. This is a period of mass hysteria. The globalist neocon/lib rulers must be beside themselves with disbelief at how well the script is playing out. Like Chomsky said, the world's authoritarian dictators must envy the West's ability to brainwash the population and control the terms of debate.

  3. there is a WAR in Ukraine. These people are fighting for their lives… of COURSE they would ban pro-Russian parties and pro-Russian propaganda. This isn't peace times, where you can debate in peace, etc. Russians are using any way possible to subvert the current political system and government. My sister-in-law lives in Kherson and she has first-hand seen random buses with unknown people come and start pro-Russian rallies in order to establish Kherson Peoples Republic (or something to.that effect) .
    This is war, dude. Can you be more of an armchair philosopher?

  4. My war criminal is better than you war criminal. Overall, i would say that Putin is taking greater care to not kill civilians than the US has ever done. Lindsey Graham and most members of Congress should be sitting in a cage awaiting trial for crimes against humanity and that includes several former prezidents.

  5. who is this dude talking to Glenn? There is no ONE tyrant. Putin has a whole network of gansgters and oligarchs that prop him up. All of them his buddies, relatives, etc. Watch the documentary by Navalny regarding Putin's palace on Black Sea — he brings receips and actual documents. Watch the doc on Margarita Simonian — all of them in cahoots making money off Russian people's taxes. All friends, family members etc.
    There is no ONE bad guy.

  6. America is so stuck in it's own duopoly most people don't seem to realize that America IS responsible for the wars and atrocities in the middle east. They DO have the power and responsibility to stop illegal and unjust wars done in their name and with their dollars, but there is only small contingents of anti-war effort in the US. If the world sanctioned us until we stood up to our own gov would the forever wars finally stop?

  7. Absolutely love the format. You guys are fantastic.

    The only drawback are the callers(like the first guy they went to in this particular episode🤦🏾‍♂️) who have somehow convinced themselves that the opportunity they are provided to ask a question is their chance to pontificate and try to impress people with their words… when in actuality all they are actually doing is exposing their shockingly tone-deaf self-righteous condescension.

    So yeah man.. just ask your fkn question and keep it moving. You are nowhere near as interesting and insightful as you believe yourself to be.

  8. War, WAR, against your own population is under the radar too??
    8'- stop here 1990s, that is the reason for the rage against a governmemt which brought Russia back as a sovereign state. Simplicist.

  9. Everyone's done lost their mind. I'm scared to death Biden's going to pull the Trigger. Why else did we force this and why else wont we give Russia an inch the step back? I don't care what anyone says The US is on Russia's borders not Russia on ours's.

  10. Can we get Glenn on Joe Rogan yet? It seems everyone Joe Rogan has had on so far but the Ukraine war has been a CIA agent and then a bunch of other d**** that don't know what what they're talking about but act like they know what poop is thinking and what his plans are.

  11. Confession through projection, as Viva Frei says. American exceptionalism on full display, from their press at least (don't wish to paint with a broad brush, many Americans have some sense of self awareness.)

  12. WOW country of rumensfelt, buchski, pompusovski , trumpovich, obumer , killary, rice I, rice II, viki nulendovich , al(dark)brite and bidenovich gang (40 some y. signing for every war on this planet!) and on and on, calling leader of other countries ''dictators' , killers, war criminals , ( like Vietnam, Lybia, Iraq, Afghanistan, ex-yugo. Panama, Grenada, Sirya, Iran Russia China …heee is anyone 'normal' left in ''W'' heee NOT) .. speaking of senility or and pathological narcissism!… I think countries will now form liens to be on a side of 'nato' heeeee 🤣

  13. The Russian people will never overthrow Putin because that the Entire World knows that The United States are the number one terrorist in the World. The US are international law breakers for this and other reasons The US has lost all credibility and respect in the world. America. Is feared around the world it's not respected.

  14. It’s not really a war.
    It’s a country that’s removing US research labs, from surrounding areas.
    Like the famous one in China.
    You know the one that just had an accidentally escaped virus.
    The one That just randomly decided to stretch out and remove a few people from the planet.
    That’s what is happening.
    Spinning it to make it sound like it’s a war is ludicrous. Consequently, anyone who uses a different narrative will be shunned and be likened to spreading Russian propaganda and disinformation/ misinformation. So, could it be said that every country except the US excels at lying ? Theoretically speaking, that’s how it’s always done. the US will intervene and fund a war using taxpayer dollars, that ultimately has nothing that do with them, so they can yet again profit off of the covering up of the main issues.
    Like they don’t want their labs being exposed and destroyed.
    And they don’t want anyone to know that this is what is actually happening.
    Anyone who is in media, is afraid to cover the real truth of things.
    Because, they would end up being put in prison.
    Julian assange is the copycat prevention.
    So, it’s mainly BS that’s being propagated by all of them.
    This appears to be no different.

  15. 100 per cent agree with everything that you too have said , this whole let's stand with Ukraine shit is beyond a joke now. And everyone is normalising the anti Russian people agenda 🙄

  16. Hannah Arendt's Banal Evil…..a moat of oblivion around the individuals that allows blind behaviors, this is ubiquitous at every level of public capture….thanks for what you do Glen…

  17. Our leaders are infantilized and don’t understand what they are doing anymore than the average child. This has been cultured by decades of a lack of humanities teaching. We are sleep walking to the of civilization.

  18. Fair enough presentation. At least it should not be Rice and Albright making these comments. I could have understood if Rice and Albright would have tried to say it was not quite the same thing, but to completely ignore the history…

  19. Russia will not starve. It is the Africa and Asia that are going to starve: since Russia is the biggest grain exporter in the World! And Ukraine is the fifth biggest! And Russia is the biggest fertilizer exporter in the world while Belorussia is the sixth biggest exporter! So prepare to pay fro your delusion and for being so infantile!

  20. The real rule of "civilization" has always been " Might makes RIGHT!!!!!"… all else is distraction
    by those in CONTROL, to maintain that CONTROL and the "advantages" that accrue to those
    who are in CONTROL!!!!!

  21. Highly respect to Israel, Hungary, South Africa and India . Ofcourse to Turkey for staying neutral in this dangerous and sick Situation came from US Government!

  22. Apart from the fact that there is no evidence that ben laden was responsible for what happened on September eleventh, sticking to pure orthodoxy, that is perfectly, logically, correct.

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