The War On Childhood Innocence | Ep. 1015

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we will discuss the latest example proving that there is a full fledged war on childhood innocence in our culture. Also, senile Biden continues screaming dementedly into cameras. The Seattle teachers union prepares to go on strike. The mayor of Chicago recoils in horror as busloads of illegal immigrants show up in her city. And Men’s Health magazine declares that heterosexuality is a shameful, offensive fetish.

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Written by Matt Walsh


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  1. Ugh! Public school teacher here…I work hard and don’t complain. Until you’re in the classroom you don’t know. Workload is more than daily teaching. I think every job is difficult. Breaks my heart people think these things about public educators—I know there are some out there who act like this, but that’s not true in my school.

  2. 6:37 I like how the parallel to misgendering they chose is to misname someone. Names are invented, imaginary, they don't exist objectively, they can be changed because there is no "correct name" for someone, and they acknowledge that – they compared misgendering to that. 👏👏👏

  3. I actually have a story about a trans kid and parental abuse I've seen first hand. It's kind of a long story, and I've told it many times and I'll tell it again. Don't let your kids get involved with these kind of kids, because a lot of the time, they come from sexual abuse situations.

    When my daughter was 5 and in kindergarten, she became friends with a girl who was blonder than blond and whiter than white, but had an anime name. I'll call her Yuki. This was back when we would all walk our kindergartners to their teachers outside doors, so I ended up meeting Yukis mom, who was obese and withdrawn, but nice enough I guess. Nice enough that we ended up agreeing on a playdate at her house. I was just excited that my daughter already had a friend and I wanted to accommodate that. I brought my male friend with me because the mom asked if we wanted to play D and D. I never had played before, so I agreed.

    The weekend comes and we get to Yuki's house. The first thing I notice is the house is trashed and REEKED. I saw a cat with like tumors and/or mats all over its body, and a pitbull in the backyard that had a collar so tight it was embedded in its neck. She introduces me to Yuki's dad, who was this freaky looking dude who was about 6'3, had greasy thinning shoulder length hair, enormous fake boobs, and an obese blue haired teenager (she looked 18 max) sitting on his lap. Apparently her dad wasn't her dad, but her "Opi (pronounced oh-pee)", and the blue haired girl was part of their polyamorous lifestyle. Her dad was so fucking rude, he didn't even acknowledge my daughter, friend, and I, he just grunted. Their house also smelled like the strongest weed smell ever, and while I don't really care what people do with their own bodies, I didn't like all the pipes and bubblers everywhere around my 5 year old. I lasted maybe 10 minutes before I faked an emergency call from my mom and left.

    The next week, I started distancing myself from Yuki's mom and stopped talking to her altogether after a couple days. After Christmas break, Yuki showed up to school with her hair chopped off and dyed permanent bright green. Anyone who knows anything about hair dye knows you should NEVER permanently dye a FIVE YEAR OLDS hair. It's bad for the hair and can cause deathly allergic reactions. My daughter also stopped hanging out with Yuki, who at this point had came out as nonbinary like her "Opi".

    The final straw was when Yuki began molesting other girls in the bathroom, kissing them on the lips, and saying it's okay because "we both have the same parts". I know this because I had to speak to both a POLICE OFFICER AND THE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER! This offspring of these fucking freaks did this shit to MY DAUGHTER. She never touched her, but she tried to on multiple occasions and kissed her on the lips many times. My daughter didn't feel comfortable with it, but didn't realize exactly how bad it was because she was only 5. I taught her all about bodily autonomy and what to do if someone violates her in any way, but I honestly failed in the regards that I NEVER expected to have to teach her about other kindergartens touching her. She's my first child and I definitely know better now.

    I don't know what happened to Yuki after that, and I wasn't given any information outside of what directly pertained to me, but Yuki was gone by February. She came back the next year, but was in one of the small special education classes. My daughter is in 4th grade now, and Yuki got held back so many years that she's only in 2nd grade now based on what my daughter says. I haven't seen her parents a single time since that December.

    The point is, her parents were serious freaks, and SOMEONE taught her the phrase, "it's okay, we have the same parts". Yuki wasn't the smartest (she would say me instead of I, like "me is hungry", and would pronounce her Rs like Ws), but definitely not mentally challenged. She wasn't held back and put in special ed because she was stupid. I'd bet all the money in my savings account that she has been suffering sexual abuse and molestation from her mom (or at least her mom let it happen), her absolute caveman with giant fake tits of an "Opi", and whatever obese blue haired creature they included in their "marriage".

    I'm just glad my daughter got out more or less untouched, and I'm a LOT more careful now about who she hangs out with.

  4. One thing I also found that these parent who indoctrinated their kids neglect is childhood psychology. They go "I spoke to my child and she said she was a boy, I am so proud".

    However, children are sponges, don't have the ability to reason, will just say what was said to them and they will do anything as long as they get a positive response since most of their actions are based off positive or negative reinforcements.
    Thus, if a parent were to tell kids about this and the kids repeat it / go along with it; that isn't admitting they are X, they are just going along with what the adults are saying.
    That is just has childhood psychology works.

    Now, i'm sure someone would come to me and say "Are you an expert?"
    Which gets into this whole argument of whether the term "Expert" is used as a shield to say whatever you want and have people listen to you regardless of you being right or not.

    However, if I (a novice) can poke holes in the argument of an expert that can't be defended without the "are you an expert" line of logic, are they really an expert?
    You see it with a lot of things where people call you -ist or -phobic. They don't have an argument, so they go straight for the buzzwords in lieu of an argument / you the phrase as an argument in and of itself.

  5. The whole Big Pharma talk is getting old…… look at the "Alternative supplements" industry and how much money they are moving. Essential oils won't help when you need a surgery. While so many put attention on "big Pharma" the alternative is growing without any regulation.

  6. It is appropriate that you mention illegal immigration following the segment on overcrowding in public schools; Illegal aliens flooding into our country are crowding our schools and putting an onerous burden on school districts, who demand more money and larger facilities from taxpayers.

  7. To be fair to the audience at the concert, they probably didn't want to hear Dropkick Murphy's play either…. Typically if you see them, your just waiting for them to finish opening for your headline bands..

  8. That first video is alarming, sickening, and evil. These videos always seem to have some adult with a sing song voice, a smile like a wolf waiting to eat it's prey. And if anyone came into the scene objecting to this brainwashing abuse the adult would transform into a raging, violent, foul mouthed creature.

  9. First of all Matthew, (because you're so fancy now), a Caviar smoothie sounds like the most disgusting thing ever. Secondly, its not your body your choice. You sir are here for the pleasure of the viewer. Even if you think you are a strong independent woman. Keep it up and you might just get canceled.

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