The War on Escapism

Carl’s Warhammer 40K article,

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  1. Everything is racist. Even racist is racist. All is racist . God is racist. The devil is racist. A person who is black, one legged, lesbian, trans, white, yellow, aliens from the planet zarg are racist. Have I missed anything? My wife is a patch worker and she is racist because she does not do everything in black. Hang on, the men in white (racist) coats are coming…….

  2. Animal rights in D&D…

    "Kobolds killed and ate everyone in my village but now that I have a magical sword AETA (Adventurers for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) says I can't kill them all because they're 'misunderstood'."

  3. So never mind that black people are, if anything, overrepresented in the music industry as a whole. I think it is fair to say that Blues, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Rap and even Rock n Roll is flush with examples of popular and honored black musicians already. No, what we need to do is dig up a niche musical genre like classical, something that almost no young people even listen to, and point out historical racism there. Got it. No agenda here at all.

  4. So, when white people are involved in things that are traditionally done by black people, that’s “cultural appropriation,” and the white people involved are racist. But, when not enough black people (according to black supremacists) are involved in traditionally white things, that’s because white people are so racist they’re keeping black people out, and therefore the entire institution must be subverted and destroyed, and rebuilt FOR non-whites, and with the exclusion of white people being the primary focus… yeah, FVCK THAT.

  5. Vitriol at tournaments is called smack talk and it's purpose is to throw off your opponent mentally. You stop racism by interacting with people who are or think different not by excluding and cancelling.

  6. so everything is apparently now political and racist on top

    you cant even fucking plant flowers without it somehow being racist

    some dipshit will write and article about "we need to talk about the racial problem with flower planting"

    Im so fucking fed up

  7. Of Course M:tG is rascist. Why else would Crusade get banned (White creatures get +1/+1) when Bad Moon (Black creatures get +1/+1) wasn't banned at the same time?

  8. I am so done with these lunatics. If you don't like a game, play another game. These activists are the most self absorbed people alive. They don't think, 'hey I'd like a game to be this certain way so I'll make/find one like that.'.. No they come into a space where people are happy, and declare the entire thing change to suit their whims.

    As for 'gentrification' it's just a spin on pushing for segregation. 'White people are trying to move in to a black area, we can't allow that!', 'but I thought segregation was racist?', 'shut up racist!'

  9. All modern progressive movements simply adopt the worst aspects of the "oppressors" they're railing against. Feminist women in 2022 act like the worst doggy men of the past, collecting notches on their bedposts. LGB people advertise their sexual desires, like some lowlife wearing a "Pu$$y Hound" t-shirt in the past. Child beauty pageants have been replaced by child drag shows. BLM preaches black supremacy and special privileges for certain skin colors.

    Either they're all stupid and don't realize they're mimicking the very things they claimed to be against, or they're just in it all for *payback*.

    EDIT: Mid-2020 was a time when I had to unsubscribe to a number of music theory and songwriting Youtube channels, because they insisted on supporting this stupid "music theory is white supremacy" BS. I'll find my info elsewhere, thanks.

  10. Ok then I'll play their game (no pun intended)….. How about we ban basketball for being racist against white people? I've experienced racism on many public basketball courts as a shorter white male.

  11. Why's he keep calling it "Thomas the Tank?" It's Thomas the Tank ENGINE. Thomas the Tank sounds more like a communist than a fascist.

    I read all the books recently and let me tell ya, they're darker than I remember. All the vehicles are completely sentient and the humans know they're sentient, but still treat them like inanimate objects. In the first book, Henry was imprisoned in a tunnel for not coming out in the train. In another, one train was turned into a furnace for falling off the tracks once too often. Outside of Sodor, it's even worse.

  12. The reason for injecting these ideological nonsense into every single genre of leisurely activity, from knitting, to sports, to video games, is not to convince it's general audience that these ideas are good, but to make them have no place to run from these ideas. Ultimately it is to make them either "accept" the ideas in a form of defeat, or lash out against them only then be used as an anti-martyr for the infectious disease and more "proof" that the infection should be spread. These people KNOW their ideology is bad and this should tell you it was never about solving societal problems, only to seize control.

  13. I miss the spirit of the 90s even if the music was mostly shit atleast people could get along and bond over shared hobbys and interests and politics was a private matter.

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