The Week: MSM’S Covid Disinfo HYPOCRISY, Chappelle FLOUTS Cancel Culture, Biden LOSES Key Voters

A look back at some of this week’s best Rising moments.

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  1. I have never really liked Facebook. For starters I didn't know what it was and my son, being a smartass, put a "profile" of me on it that was NOT me at all…it was all a lie
    and I couldn't, didn't know how to get it d

  2. The idea of comedy is to bring a funny perspective offensive things. Anyone one can be offended by anything they want, so saying can it be yeah if you stood on stage an said nothing. But nobody would buy that act good luck

  3. The only reason for censorship is to protect a lie. The one thing that can destroy a lie is TRUTH. Liars fear the truth. Censorship is the death of truth. Freedom of speech is essential for us to have the freedom to learn/know the truth

  4. The checks are still needed. The rest of the world have done monthly payments ( some receiving 1,000-2,000.00 a month)to citizens and yet the so called greatest nation gave us nothings but a couple one time checks.

  5. This world is a about being thought provoked to greater, not being accommodated to normalcy
    Being denied made me want it , embrace and embody the alternate currents I wouldn't have even chosen to understand others if i weren't 💯 treated as an oddity without Rights

  6. The "Missing Link" (aka Brian Stelter) is one of the most dishonest people in the media. CNN is a propaganda channel rather than a news channel. Any story that opposes its adenda is killed. Yet, the Covington Catholic boys were the lead story at CNN for two days.

  7. If you were considered a tree hugging leftist in 2001 – to me, you are now GOP. Congrats. We do have a very big tent. It is for anyone that is sane now and wants to be able to work and keep some of your money. Welcome.

  8. To Robbie's point, the obvious difference between social media and newsprint/television news is that we can opine and exchange opinions on social media. Talking to the television or talking to the newspaper is not quite as gratifying… for most people.

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