The Week: The BIOWEAPON Question, Working Class SHAMED over gas, NYT FINALLY Capitulates On Hunter

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  1. I can't believe nobody follows up on Biden's Ukraine saga: Nuland on the phone says “f*ck the EU" and BIDEN will need to give an attaboy to Yatseniuk to make the coup happen, and the same year his son is installed in the state owned oil company earning 50k USD per month! He justifies this by giving access to his father, a fact about which Joe Biden lies. And now the same Nuland admits the US researches bioweapons in Ukraine, and the same Biden fails to prevent a war because he's completely unwilling to negotiate about security with Russia. This corrupt bunch doesn't get called? Why?

  2. This complication is a giant assortment of clips vindicating conservatives for the past 2.5 years. It also indirectly vindicates Trump. As an independent, it’s woefully apparent that the Democratic Party and machinery of today has become the Republican Party/machinery of 2000-2001. And I️ say no to them. My family and I️ will not be voting blue in quite a while.

  3. Great show Us is being invaded already over two million they could fix boarder,health care 100 time's over money wasted on Russia invasion. Rob lame Jennifer establishment.

  4. Intent means zero when the law is applied to us citizens however for Hillary Clinton and the corrupt government intent means guilt or innocence. This is so insane. As intent can never truly be know outside of the individual and yes hillary and governments lie.

  5. The usa doesnt want russia to find the labs because russia is potentially a whistle blower at this point. Russia will potentially inform the world of the wrong doings and corruption the ukrain gov and the usa gov arw working on in that country.

  6. Not bioweapons bio labs. Which the pathogens could harm us… which let's be honest, there's many bio labs that the USA funds in other countries outside of NATO bc they don't have the restrictions that nato countries have and our government trains our military and 3 letter agencies in those labs

  7. Ukrain says it will give up nato. Ok sounds like a deal. Thats was thw crux at the outset. Wars over… why isnt it over? Profits? Politicians agenda? So sad that people die because of such things.


  9. We have them in the Danish version of the CDC. America has one at least also. Don’t get the big surprise.
    It’s amazing how I agree with the guest. She’s just wrong about the left or mistakes leftists for centrist elites. Otherwise she has no idea what she’s talking about or wants to provoke more than she shows off. Kim appears completely uninformed as the Russia and Ukraine are negotiating every single day. The rest of the 15 minutes are kind of indifferent and unnecessary

  10. Is it now that ‘Neo nasis Lives Matter” ? The US/West have been arming these AZOV racists pukes since 2014. Now their entrenched in the Army and government positions. 13,000 Ukraine citizens they killed in the Donbas since 2014. Why no sympathy for those ethnic Russians ? Makes Ukraine supporters filthy, vile racists too, does it not ? Russia stated they will only go in to deNasify Ukraine. That used to be a good thing a year ago. What changed ?

  11. Morality doesn't work that way-. Nobody is enjoying it. The multiple objections to everything we do sometimes penetrates your own bubble of no moral outrage. We-. You know who "we" the collective s, yes we are an interest group. Privilege getting you high? Absurd. We're not all that self-absorbed or that young. None of anybodys culture is caught up in it. Your talking points don't hold water.

  12. This discussion about such issues as high gas prices and inflation are good discussions to have but the more meaningful discussion that you people get paid NOT to discuss is the discussion about how Big Oil in alleged illegal collusion with Big Corporate Business is able on caprice to raise prices across the board in order to satisfy their greed and avarice while accomplishing a political goal which currently is to make Biden look bad ahead of the 2022 midterm election. By not being totally objective in your reporting you make yourselves a big part of the problem, as in being the flunkies for the elite plutocracy (Mafia State).

  13. Go Batya! 68 yr old now living on $1351/month social security after my business was wiped out by the insane non-medical science response to what is being revealed as a bad flu affecting mostly the elderly and those already unhealthy. Lockdown was a 'take down' of small biz while transferring all that economic gain to the behemoth corporations. Eroded what was left of a somewhat "middle" class down to the poverty line.
    $60 to fill up my 2016 Camry? But, oh joy, I can feel morally and ethically superior making that $60 contribution.

  14. There was a study that was done after by a PAC that showed about a 5% voter swing over the corruption with hunter biden.

    This was a serious thing and its hard to remember given how normalized corruption is in the last 2 years. But corruption was widely discussed and a major moral concern at the time given the constant talk by dems about trump corruption. Joe was seen like a good old normal guy. Corruption would have made his blandness that much worse.

    Also the timing was crucial it was 2 weeks before the vote. What was widely learned after was suppressed heavily when it counted the most for people to learn of regardless of liberal opinion. Its easy to forget how the spread and timing factors in since, the moment the story gained traction, it was obviously true.

    No joke it was a very big deal. Obviously the PAC did this shortly after the election and the specific swing statement was "i would change my vote if i could given this information".

    Few dems shifted, most shifts were independents.

    Im willing to bet it was the same superpac that created and organized the story and press release ect.

    Libs and tech colluded and suppressed it. Still are and are continually damaging US democracy.

  15. The elite liberals and the wealthy conservatives are endangering our country and justifying their twisted power seeking overseas activities as "good for us all" when it really is only they who profit at the expense of USA's reputation and good will.

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