The West Sanctions Russia

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  1. I'll take Germany serious when they close Nord Stream 1 down that powers their factories. Maybe Justine can get the RCMP to trample over the T-72's. We need to sell more Cheese.

  2. There were actually some referendums done in those cities and, as Putin says, the Euromadan was a coup… Also, why does NATO need to add Ukraine to the alliance? Do we really need to place nukes 7 min away from Moscow? Are we the baddies?

  3. It’s a long time since the Thatcher years which was the last time Russia listened to the UK. Also since the Thatcher years the UK have lost a third of its military. Also Boris isn’t going to go too hard because Russia owns about 2 billion pounds worth of London property. UK citizens – ever wonder why you can’t get on the property ladder in London?

  4. The medieval Kievan Rus we're an independent people. They were conquered by first the mongols, then Muslims, and finally liberated and integrated into the Russian muscovite empire. They were then part of Russia for at least a hundred years.
    Then in the 1950's the UN was formed and the Soviets created the modern 'independent" countries of Ukraine and Belarus as vassals so they could have more votes on the UN. The USA agreed to this in order to get Soviet backing for the creation of the UN. This is pretty easily researched political history and the UN itself has articles about it. So yeah the Soviets basically did create modern Ukraine from thin air.

  5. Quite frankly, the attitude I feel towards Putin these days can be summarized as "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Communist globalist groups are tightening their grip on the world, and Russia refuses to comply. If that's the only ally we can get, then it'll have to do.

  6. Let's get real here.. with Europe so dependant on Russian energy, and China backing them up, any sanctions will do more harm to the West than it will Putin.

  7. So Russia is being sanctioned for something it hasn't done. The Donbass is under attack from Ukraine as it has been in the past. The Minsk Agreement that was approved by the UN Security Council is finally being implemented. Can Thomas explain why the US is building missiles in Poland? Does Boris, the bought and paid for US lackey know? Putin for sure knows.
    Why are you just repeating Washington backed propaganda? Professor Sakwa is an academic expert on the Ukraine and Russia. He would provide a balanced, accurate assessment of the situation. Sakwa has warned that we are 2 minutes away from a nuclear war. Tulsi Gabbard said the same thing on Fox News.

  8. An interesting way of going about things in the west, treat sections of the population like s**t, letting leftists mess with them with your tacit support, attempt to replace sections of said population because they just don't act grateful enough anymore then get into a disagreement with a country with a massive army. Can't see how this plan is going to go wrong Boris.

  9. The art of the jab:
    "We recommend that British military personnel study closely not only the geography of Russia but also its history, in order not to enrich our common military history with their lives for the sake of poorly educated British politicians,” major general Igor Konashenkov (spokesman of russian MoD) regarding British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace remarks of Crimean war (1853-6) and British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss thinking Rostov and Voronezh regions being part of Ukraine.

  10. I'd rather have Putin as the U.S. President than the majority of Democrats I see these days…. If anything Putin recognizes what the West is doing and have even warned us to stop before Western Civilization collapses. So in my opinion I see Vlad as an actual ally to my belief system. And he knows as well as anyone else that if the West collapses then that leaves China in the driver's seat and I'm fairly certain that Putin would rather not go to war with China. So we actually have some common interests.

  11. poor boris and biden didnt get their war to take the heat off them back home putin made them both look even stupider ,well done putin,now where were we, ah yes the police report where is it boris???

  12. Europe is going to freeze every winter when all the nuke and coal plants get shuttered and Russia shuts off all the gas/oil pipelines heading there. They will just turn easterly and sell all their gas/oil to china and SE Asia.

  13. British recognised how many Balkan states since 90s, as soon as they could to help out with splitting of Yugoslavia. Why be a hypocrite about Donetsk. Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia etc are all piss european ant countries with little war making capacity that were encouraged to exist. Also San marino, Luxembourg, Switzarland etc are all historic buffer states that are recognised today.

    Its not like Donbas was not already in process of civil war for their independence. European peacekeepers should have been there at least two years ago and process for recognising their autonomy in place.

    Be principled.

  14. Did you just say that Russia only has access to the Arctic? Russia has shores to the Black, Caspian, Okhotsk, Bering, Chukchi, East Siberian, Laptev, Kara, Barents and Baltic sea you muppets.

  15. Who are these people in the russian parliament that have the power to greenlight Putin with starting WW3 ?? No checks or balances, nobody asking the people anything? Nobody wants any of this…

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