The WHO Pandemic Response “Treaty” – What Does It Mean? Viva Clip

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Lots of fear and lots of rumours floating around some sort of WHO treaty. Here’s the breakdown of what it means. And, more importantly, what it doesn’t mean.

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  1. The WHO is not happy with first world countries, the WHO said to go back to work at the end of 2020 using Sweden's model. The WHO said you cannot vaccinate yourself out of this pandemic and you cannot booster yourself out of this pandemic, this prolongs the pandemic indefinitely. They modified the pandemic response recommendations which says not to rely on proof of vaccination for travel because cases in high vaccination countries were increasing the most.
    Proof of vaccination has no science behind it in the first place..

  2. FACT: WHO is actually run by Bill Gates, the largest funder, a high school drop out who stole ideas from others. What does he know about medicine?

    The World Economic Forum is an international non-governmental and Communist lobbying organization. Their motto "You will own nothing and you will be happy". In other words, shut up and work and we the Elites will own everything (Communism).

    WEF Goals and Methods:

    Phase 1: Tyranny was the aim, Covid was the excuse.

    Phase 2: More tyranny is the aim. Climate Change is another excuse.

    Phase 3: Cashless society, Digital Currency, Social Credit System (like in China), QR Codes/Passports.

    Phase 4: You are screwed! Unless 'we' can prevent Phase 3.

  3. There are specific ways described in the Constitution to modify the Constitution. Treaties are NOT mentioned. Therefore, treaties fall below the Constitution, similar to the legislature. Treaties cannot run afoul of the Constitution or they are void.

  4. This is NOT legal, as our Constitution forbids this, yet notice No politicians or judges are doing anything. We're so screwed.
    The entire Democrat Party & all its operatives (judges, officials, etc) are all for the world-wide government…so long as Democrats can stay in power. Its disgusting what is happening. Hope you all are enjoying your Preview of tyranny, cause its only going to get worse. How do I know? Because there is ZERO push-back. Laws mean NOTHING when they are NOT enforced.

  5. Classic, controlled opposition tactics!!
    ANYONE who is still putting their faith in your politician's, are completely CLUELESS as to what is really going on!!
    This guy is a shill 4 the New World Order!!

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