The whole Administration needs to be held accountable for Afghan withdrawal | Markwayne Mullin

On Wednesday’s ‘Wake Up America’, Oklahoma Senate candidate and Congressman Markwayne Mullin slams the lack of accountability for the lives lost during the Afghanistan withdrawal and hearings Republicans will have should they take Congress.

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  1. While you're at it I think you need to freeze all of Nancy Pelosi's Financial funds and look into her for insider trading and retrieve all of the money back that she has illegally obtained through insider trading along with her husband and everybody else

  2. No matter the intentional mistakes that the Democrats make, justice does not touch them, they are Untouchables, only justice goes after conservative , Republicans and anyone who does not agree with their socialist and globalist ideology.

  3. This entire administration needs to be out of office. America / Americans are not their top concern at all, their main goal is power and will do anything and everything to keep it. This administration is full of liars from top to bottom.

  4. I do not think the two people who said they will help.WON'T. mccarthy and mcconnell are the rino's. Do not expect any thing from these two traitors.. I'm sorry but I do believe in what you need to do…

  5. There is no accountability or transparency today.. Politicians promise to be transparent or accountable but is all false. The news is getting ridiculous. President, VP, Congress, Representatives, FBI?, Journalist, and the list goes on. We do not know who to believe today.

  6. Hey Biden pulled out of Afghanistan and he had his own rule and disregarded Trump's rule. And then the administration left 85 billion dollars equipment and afghanistan. And the funny part is if you know people in that country you'll see those disabled vehicles we're flying only days after mine says they're disabled. And there's millions of rounds to shoot from those so-called disabled vehicles. But hate. lol Trump. Why doesn't the news media cover the donations of funds going into Ukraine and mysteriously some going to the black market and are currently sold into other countries. But Trump bad. And it's funny how the news media is biased otherwise they would show what Russia is doing and accomplishment but they only side with zielinski. But if you talk to ukrainians because they have internet and they have the voice. Ukraine is only second in corruption towards Russian. Funny how politics work when there's 11 hate. Yeah ukrainians and Russians still have internet you little easy manipulated asshats are. And you're probably happy when you reduce your students. Because you sign a contract and look to others to pay for your BS. And then you grow up and then your butt hurt.

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