The Wild Rides Continue…

Once again, volatility continues to surge, as the S&P 500 gave up gains on Thursday driven by rising Treasury yields despite the bulk of quarterly results suggesting corporate America is in better shape than feared. Recession fears are growing. More broadly the stresses and strains are showing across UK Politics, Oil, and Investment Banking, so we will touch on all these in today’s post.

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  1. NZ with our socialist leader is heading towards huge mortgage rates and negative equity. Hopefully NZ will change government to people who understand how to run a business/budget. The USA is leading the way to global inflation amplified in NZ/Aus

  2. Has anyone seen the recent segment with US Representative Katie Porter where she has experts expose the data that shows 53% of the current inflation crisis has come from corporate profit margins and not from supply shortages only? In youTube type in “Katie Porter” with “corporate profits” or “inflation”.

  3. Let's all believe the FED, RBA and the government…while the global economy is on fire and is on the verge of collapse everyone is busy being an ostrige! Never happen in Australia. Why don't you ask the people of Venezuela, Turkey, Argentina ect. 2023 will see hyperinflation in Australia but Australian people will still believe the RBA and government puppets! Nevertheless, the government will already have a solution CBDCS and digital ID….While everyone is busy Victoria and the rest of the puppet governments are busy building the UN smart cities habitat!

  4. "An MMT type proposition" LMAO. MMT recognises that a country with its own Sovereign currency doesn't need to borrow its own money. Tax cuts should serve a useful purpose not make rich people richer. Does her policy include a federal job guarantee? If not then it's not the slightest bit an MMT type proposition.
    I think Martin needs to brush up on his MMT economics.

  5. Martin blaming Brexit on any of this is ridicules. Europe is generally not doing much better.

    Secondly, so what if they laughed at her. She put her hand up to be the prime minister. It's not meant to be high noon tea, but tough and unforgiving job.

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