The Woke Imperium: the confluence between neoconservatism and social justice

Christopher Mott of the Institute for Peace and Diplomacy joins Max Blumenthal to discuss his provocative white paper on the Woke Imperium. According to Mott, “The rise of a ‘woke’ activist-driven, social justice-oriented politics—particularly among the members of academia, media, and the professional managerial class—has provided the latest ideological justification for interventionism, and it has become readily adopted by the U.S. foreign policy establishment.”

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  1. Is post modernism the realm of the fake left?

    1. Pseudo-left promotes “identity politics” on nationality, ethnicity, race, gender and sexuality issues to obtain greater influence in corporations, colleges, universities, higher-paying professions, trade unions, government and state institutions.

    2. The economic program of the pseudo-left is essentially pro-monopolist and nationalistic.

    3. The pseudo-left is anti-worker, opposes class struggle, and denies the central role of the working class in progressive transformation of society.

    4. Pseudo-left strive for a favourable distribution of wealth among the richest 10 percent of the population; seeks greater access to – rather than destruction of – social privilege.

    5. In the imperialist centres of North America, Western Europe and Australasia, the pseudo-left is generally pro-imperialist, and utilises the slogans of “human rights” to legitimise, and even directly support, neo-colonialist military operations.

    Where are today’s protest artists? – Love Me, I'm a Liberal via @YouTube

  2. The Latinx thing drives me nuts. In a number of languages (including Spanish), all nouns, articles and adjectives are gendered. So to neuter these languages would be a titanic undertaking that I doubt would be appreciated by the majority of the native speakers.

  3. It's like when they claim they're "promoting liberal democracy." How liberal can a democracy actually be if you have to promote it? When you're on the recieving end of this proclamation, bad shit is inevitable. It's a euphemism for transgression (a favorite word of the 'woke').

  4. While I agreed with the majority of what they said, Max threw out a comment about the climate just to keep his donors happy.
    He is an encyclopedia, but it is an Encyclopedia Americana, always saying it's the US as the Boogeyman. He never lifts up the curtain on the puppet masters.
    Max wrote a +9000 word article giving a tongue bath to Michael Moore, and went on Jimmy Dore to gaslight people. While Michael justly called out Biomass and corporate greenwashing, he never talked about rooftop solar and used 10 year old debunked arguments about electric cars. And most of you think that it was Big Oil and Wall Street that tried to censor the film. You'd be surprised at why he had to stop and change his film.
    I have written a response to that article, and Max has never responded.
    I've called out the Grayzone on their protection of the Swiss, and they responded by getting a Swiss Intelligence officer and Aaron gave a softball interview. He never asked him why he was working with NATO in the Donbass since 2014 and didn't ask him why he had a similar role in Syria working in Idlib.
    Max never reported on the Swiss President being in the Oval Office when the State Department finally broke into the VZ Embassy in Washington. And he did a complete whitewash of the Swiss with Crypto AG.
    Controlled Opposition.

  5. GOOGLE has removed nearly everyone else's opinion on the Sept 11th 2001 ATTACKS /911, all that's left is the mainstream medias drivel, remember BUILDING SEVEN aka the Salaman Brothers Building aka the Mayor of NewYorks emergency Hub building also containing the FBI and CIA.

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