The Woke Left Has Officially LOST Bill Maher!


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  1. I always laugh at the "we don't have the institutional power so we clearly can't be racist" trope. Who was president from 08 to 16? Who is VP now? Who is the mayor of NY Baltimore, DC, Chicago? How many police chiefs, DAs , sheriffs? Please, you have all the institutional power needed to be racist, if that is your lame argument.

  2. Long time Leftard Bill is just learning the hard way, that Leftists always end up eating their own. I mean, just how much time does Maher "think" he has left being an Old Straight White Male in today's Female led Woketard Leftist World?

  3. “i don’t care if there’s another depression if it means that gets Trump out”

    he’s a part of the problem, i don’t care what he says. he’s only doing this to grift because he sees the writing on the wall. he CONTRIBUTED to all this BS

  4. So they absolute know there going to get pummelled in the midterms so not being the types to let a little thing like following the law stand in there way I wonder what tricks they have up there sleeves.

  5. Bill Maher is NOT agreeing with the "Right", he's not saying this because he wants to. He's saying it because he HAS to. The left has gone so far, it's beginning to come back around and will soon "eat" itself. That is why for the last year, you've seen more and more of Bill Maher saying things like this. He knows the left HAS to have an enemy and if the left turns it's full attention inwards, HE (as a rich white liberal famous person) is going to be a target. So he has to stop it before it goes much further. Or he knows he will be next.

    He'll cheer all this on so long as someone else is in the crosshairs. But when he thinks the pots been stirred enough that some may splash on him, he will try and calm it down. Anyone who "agitates" for a living (like commentators) who has been around for any length of time (like Maher) know you can only rile people up so much before the "Unwashed masses" start to notice how "clean" you are looking and how nice it'll be to get you "dirty"…

  6. Bill Maher, like 99% of the mainstream media is not to be trusted. If he's changing his tune now it's because there was a corporate decision made that he do so. The politics, power and money of those who decide the programming content determines every word that comes out of his mouth on TV.

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