The World Economic Forum Has A ‘GREAT RESET’ Lined Up, They Want To COMPLETELY Change The World

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host special guests Michael Malice (@MichaelMalice on YouTube, Twitter) and Alex Jones to discuss the World Economic Forum’s INSANE ideas for remaking the world in their image.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. The way to understand Alex is how you are supposed to understand conspiracy theories. You grab all the crazy stuff on the top (lizards, vampires, etc) and just stick to the core of it. More likely you will find some genuine clues there. Just remove the fluff and the shouts guys.


    …Anyone else have that same reaction?
    It's the same reaction the Scientology episode of South Park gave me.
    I've always had people throw that book in my face, telling me how much smarter they are for having read it and how it's this "life-changing odyssey of this young man's self discovery", and all this other flowery horse shit.
    Not once did someone ever come straight out and say "It's about a psychic gorilla suicide cult" ?‍♂️
    The next time someone tries to throw that in my face I'm liable to put a fist back in theirs.

  3. People don't realise Alex Jones has to 'pretend' to be crazy, in order to protect himself, if he has the 'air' of 'crazy nutcase', he is allowed to keep breathing…

  4. If you think these people at the WEC/Davos are socialist, then have I got news for you.
    "You will not own property in the future" is not about socialism, it is about "life, as a service™"

  5. The thing I can’t stand about Alex is every show he does he makes it about him, the outbursts, the interrupting, but dammit why does he have to be right half the time lol

  6. Glenn Beck was talking about this very thing years and years ago. People thought he was a conspiracy theorist, but so many things he wrote about and talked about are coming to pass. Time for America to wake up.

  7. I love as Alex Jones still say he is a common guy saying weird things at the internet while this hasn't be true for years.
    He isn't a common guy anymore but a powerful voice, and his weird things turned into legit alerts for the last seven years.

  8. Poor Alex just has too much to say lol… Honestly, I think much of his problem is that the things he's saying kind of require people to have already done some previous research to understand, and many of the sentences he says while explaining things have several of these instances. I feel that if he just split those up and spent a little more time outlining the more basic points, much of what he's saying won't seem quite as esoteric to the masses.

  9. This Great Reset is nothing but a new feudalism. Big surprise. The surprise will come when the serfs will be too fubar to keep the robots in line. BLM on Flakka. This is what I want to see.

  10. Also, Michael Malice is very wrong about Margaret Sanger and EB DuBois. They were both very much Elites, Evil, and in the business of power and control over people, both for themselves and helping other powerful people.

  11. I love Alex Jones and Michael Malice so much, and kinda feel like AJ needs MM at his side all the time to be like "wait wait wait that's not true, let's say this right"

  12. This may be a controversial statement but as somebody a couple cards short of a full deck… I almost feel like taking all the struggle to just exist out of the equation for me as a fkin borderline act of mercy sometimes.. its something only those of us a with a little not there but enough to see everybody around me existing peacefully happily would understand

  13. Sanger was a eugenicist and certainly would go after mentally challenged people, but she very definitely had a vendetta against people who were any category of non-white, and black were most numerous so she was indeed more focused on them, unfortunately. For her, racism was almost a religion.

  14. What’s the most common viral agent that would show up as an infection due to previous antibodies and therefor look to be critically widespread?

    A coronavirus

  15. It's sad that there is fucking idiots actually advocating for this shit out there get all kinds of free shit and everything's going to be evenly distributed. Communist slave state will be America if Joe Biden gets this presidency.