The World Economic Forum Wants Children Microchipped!

Following our last show about the Suncorp, Adams and North have more to say about microchipping.

It appears that microchipping appears to be on the global agenda and this obviously is a dangerous phenomenon which is likely to be an ongoing assault on the rights and liberties of the Australian people.

These suggestions of microchipping are the slow process of acceptance through soft propaganda. In the words of the KGB, this is ideological subversion or psychological warfare.

If we are to have our rights protected moving forward, the Australian people need to say no and we need to get in the face of the politicians – especially those who have an affiliation for the World Economic Forum.

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  1. Please consider the following. These "high paid bureaucrats" political leaders corporate figureheads, "medical professionals" et al have been triggered. If you take the time to read David Icke's "Tales from the Time Loop" which you can download as a pdf you will understand what I mean.

  2. It shows the mentality of the Suncorp staff that are so entrenched in the system that they would not even consider the negative side of the article that they published. Baffling

  3. The word "compliance" is the most disturbing part of the discussion. Its a slave master mindset to use compliance, to even think of using that word. In an equal adult relationship you do not comply, you co-operate with fullly negotiated and informaed will. To see us as beings which must comply just shows how fd up these people really are.

  4. The “medi alert” bracelet used by the elderly in times of great need is a device that could be converted for use on children if safety, in any situation is an issue, and could be adapted for children to wear and be removed as needed.
    DO NOT BE NAIVE the objective is the control of children by any means and for any reason … discussions not necessary – flat “NO WAY” will suffice !!

  5. The fact that the so called leaders of our society come up with these ideas, is proof positive that they themselves are removed from the reality of our lives , to the elites, we are no more than cattle in a paddock to be hearded and branded.

  6. When I was 15, I was sitting out the front of the Milk Bar, sucking on a thick shake, contemplating life. I thought to myself "Money is just like sex, the more you chase it, the less you end up getting. It's best to just sit back, and let it come to you". And, I've never gone without anything, I've had everything in life that I wanted.
    Money is the "root" of all evil. Consider that.
    The money chasers, are the people dying of SADS.

  7. Mark of the beast?.Who cares what these self elected rulers of the universe want.Their agenda is totally obvious. Please continue to expose these insidious moves. If Suncorps so neutral and innocent they would never have participated total bs.

  8. It might be making sense to people now why we had tracking and tracing when there was no science behind it. A trial? Anyway this is about way more than banking.

  9. People need to be drawing the comparison of these microchips to Jewish and Nazi arm bands. You want to be treated like the Uyghurs in Xinjiang? Go ahead and get chipped. “Proceed straight to the slave labour death camps over there, next!”

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  11. Perhaps the next big message to parliament should be a demand for pay to be done in cash again. How they can force you to deal with a 3rd party as an intermediary to your income with possible fees and data collection has always made me bristle. A demand in this direction would also kill several birds with 1 stone, so to speak. 1) parliament, listen to what the people want not business. 2) as payroll and personal tax is already taken out, and GST is everywhere you want to spend, there is no tax excuse as to why you should have to bank your money. 3) If power goes out you have cash on hand. 4) It promotes self-responsibility. 5) It would put a stymie on this push toward a digital currency. 6) no need for personal chips. 6) anonymity as to how you spend YOUR money (at the moment the banks have access to your spending data for free).7 ) It sends a clear message we want to roll back ALL the associated controls on us.8) your bank cannot 'shut you out' if you say something they dont agree with online etc. 8) no limit on withdrawls as you can keep as much as you want where you want…. and many more. Cash needs to be be the next big push to bring back. Theres no good reason NOT to.

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