THE WORLD HAS GONE NUTS! #17 (Dumps And Steven Crowder)

Yes people be all kind of nuts in 2021. In this video we look at how the Blue check marks on Twitter are going after Steven Crowder while he’s in hospital, we react to a TicTok clip of a woman’s journey to take a dump and all kinds of other bizarre craziness. How some people have made it into adulthood is a miracle in itself. I guess with the growth of social media over the past decade maybe we are just getting exposed to the ridiculousness that was there all along but was thankfully hidden. Or is the IQ of the general population really dropping?

The material used in this video falls withing FAIR USE LAW as I am providing critique/criticism and original commentary in my review.

I do NOT condone or support anyone contacting the people shown in this video. This video is purely for entertainment/comedic purposes.


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  1. The difference between Steven Crowder and George Floyd, Steven Crowder isn't a violent crackhead thug, George Floyd had a hand in his own death, if he wouldn't of been breaking the law, he would not of had to deal with the police, that's my 2 cents..

  2. You’re going against the leftist Marxist views, you’re always going to have YouTube against you. Face it bro, this just has to be a hobby or you need to make videos the opposite of what you do.

  3. Hey man just throw your disclaimer up in screen text for like ten seconds at the start you can even talk over it best of both worlds [If thats legally allowable]. I cant believe the hoops they fucking force you to jump through.

  4. "How can a society function when people are encouraged to do things like this?" That's EXACTLY the point of the MARXIST BLM movement. 'Defund' the Police, encourage lawlessness to BREAK DOWN SOCIETY, so that you can say: 'Capitalism is broken' and Marxists take over….

  5. They still going on about the drugged up criminal who overdosed while being apprehended by the police? Maybe if he robbed you at gun point like he did that old lady you wouldn't be whining about his death for years. Every day much better people die unjustly, won't you sing their praises?

  6. Crowder disproved the knee on the neck theory, now leftist can disprove the overdose of Fentanyl theory. You’re move next Leftist……. BTW I watched this on the toilet. The fat lady inspired my bowels to evacuate ?

  7. Typical crowder says he can physically feel death and refers to it as a dick… so what your saying is you can physically feel a dick… what a …

  8. Years ago, stores in crime ridden areas put up bullet proof glass at the checkout counters. The local leaders made them take it down because they said it was racist to protect the employees from the public.