The World Has Really Come To THIS… 👀

The World Has Really Come To THIS… 👀

This video explains the deliberate destruction that is now being implemented and why.

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Written by WeAreChange

News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising. - Lord Northcliffe


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  1. 2..
    This is why the SCUS wouldn't hear any of the cases from the election and why the rigged the election..
    Because they are scared/intimated by the radical Left..
    Ya 2…a big 2..

  2. I remember working at Sony when there was a change of management.
    They told everyone if you have any questions, please ask them. ALL that asked a question, were fired immediately after the meeting.

  3. Hey I'm from Mississippi where we have natural gas power and don't give a shit. We don't even have emissions checks for cars because we don't have a billion people in our cities creating smog.

    What's a brown out? Lol. The only brown or blackout we ever see is if a hurricane or tornado knocked trees down on power lines. Then we just fix them.

    We are gonna let y'all figure it all out first. Leave us alone with your ideas until it's actually viable. Lol

  4. Queensland Australia had 1 /-5 degree C weather which they don't experience, i know people that live there that don't own a jacket & their told to turn off heating!!

  5. 30 years ago we said it would be dumb. The fiction writers 80 years ago weren't far off. It'll pass. Sucks for you to have to live through it. On the other side, there is opportunity. In fact there is opportunity the whole way through. Just need to adapt as fast as things change.

  6. Ephesians 6:10-20. Look it up as a reminder what is going on and the struggle humanity has always faced, will continue to face until people and stand together in unity and reject the people who want to lord or we us. Remain in good spirits be brave and always speak truth to lies

  7. Let’s all just runn it up until they can’t complain more. Just fuck it all. The only way this is going to stop is if we just get this over with.give them e erything they can complain about. Let’s just bring all to line. Let’s stop beating around the bush and just over whelp with their own bullshit.

  8. Boy, they really want to kill us off ASAP. Either that or they're fucking idiots. Or both. Zero carbon emissions means that the plants will die, then the insects will follow soon after, and without those, we humans will be next. Their true mission is to bring to fruition the satanic new ten commandments of the Antichrist that are on the Georgia Guidestones.

  9. Australia has enormous amounts Coal, Crude oil, Iron/Steel, Natural gas, Fissile Uranium deposits. But the government is shutting down power stations and coal, natural gas mines left right and center and wants everyone in Australia to stop using the natural deposits and acts like Australia is running out of resources and is in the middle of an energy crisis. At the same time it's pushing everybody to buy unreliable solar panels and windmills from china that use Australian resources to make.

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