The World must see The Police Brutality in Melbourne! SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

SHARE this video far and wide. May the international community see the shocking displays of Police Brutality committed by Police Thugs of the Victorian Police Force!

Written by Aussie Cossack


  1. That man was pushing a wheelchair and they were told if they left the protest now they wouldn’t be arrested ! How can you trust them? Shameful behaviour by the law enforcement.

  2. The distinction between the police and the thugs that they are supposed to arrest is now less than zero. They arrest people exercising their democratic rights and they themselves have become the thugs, run by the king of the thugs, Dan Andrews.

  3. People MUST UNDERSTAND that those are NOT "cops" in ANY sense of the word

    THOSE … are mindless, savagely violent, corporate-paid illuminati THUGS, and those THUGS are ONLY "accountable" to their satanic/pedophile billionaire masters and MUST BE held culpable right along with their THUG, RAT BASTARD underlords.

    And, THAT DAY HAS ARRIVED, good people

  4. One day the cops will pay, in the hard way for what they are doing to the people. People will find where they live and get then hell. Perhaps they will have a bullet in there bodys. Nothing good but if the cops go on like this, it will end in a bad way. People will steal weapons and arm themselfs to protect them from bullicops. Tragedy and end in a lot of blood on the streets

  5. That was not a riffle butt that was a straight up barrel strike, it does nothing for compliance sake, it's an unnecessary use of force to someone that was already surrendering.

  6. No matter what these idiots are doing, they are doing on be half of the Victorian government and both should go before an International tribunal to answer for their crimes against humanity.

  7. I weep for you cops what is coming your way when alot more aussies wake up ..

    May God have mercy on your souls ..
    You will be so ashamed of yourselves when you realise that you were played by your overlords

    Ill have mercy still for you guys .. i have to because of my beloved Jesus Christ

    God Bless You all my beloved Aussie brothers and sisters hang in there and Unite .. Love you Serbia from Croatia 🙏❤

  8. We were mostly raised to respect police but now I realise the word 'respect' was probably the wrong word. It would've been more accurate to 'sympathise' because as we knew then and still know now that you only join the police force when you are basically unemployable and have self-esteem issues. Keep going and it's going to get out of hand very fast