The Worst Attack Since the Civil War!


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Written by Matt Orfalea


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  1. CNN needs to fuck off is a reason why Joe Biden’s approval ratings are dropping every day, and CNN’s ratings are in the toilet to!!!! I’m so sick of this bullshit. The media needs to take a flying leap to fucky off land, if they ask how to get there tell him to take the dumb dumb river!!!!!

  2. "Worse act of Civil Violence since the Civil War" huh? Never mind the Weather Underground bombing the Capitol in the 70's. And who are the Weather Underground? William Ayers who's now a College Professor and Obama friend along with Bernadine Dorn. Recognize those 2 names? They ended up killing several people during their many domestic terrorism. But hey, some trespassers throwing some papers around is far worse than those bombs thrown by the Weather Underground!

  3. This reminds of the video showcasing every news outlets across the US sharing the same exact message, word for word. With those key words again "Threat to our democracy". Anybody have a link?

  4. It's true, this is the worse thing to happen since those damn Billy Yanks came storming in to rob the south of its slaves. Democrats have never forgiven Republicans for ending slavery, I keep expecting Biden to break out in to the confederate song Dixieland.

  5. It sounds just like the Russian "hacking", "meddling", "collusion", etc conspiracy theories after the 2016 election which was the worst attack since 9/11 & Pearl Harbour. So obviously now they needed to go further back in time & civil war seemed perfect. Also, didn't the democrat party started the civil war to keep slavery?

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