“The Worst Ever Seen” Joe Biden Is BREAKING RECORDS As The Worst President In American HISTORY!


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  1. And people say he was elected in honest way to man who didn’t even bother to campaign and look at what’s happening the history may find out that we shouldn’t be blaming Joe because Joe is not really running the country someone else’s or group is

  2. Notice how the highest approval percent is among 65+ voters because they are the ones that are on Social Security and think the Democrats are for the little people. I am over 65 and I think those people must be really senile to give him that high a rating.

  3. Democrats may as well not even run in the next election. People aren't going to vote blue. This next election is going to likely see the most first time voters in American history. Everyone is going to come together and vote out this poison that is killing our country. Itll be like us all taking down a raid boss

  4. The cost of cancelling $50,000 of student loans for those who have had the privilege of attending college is $1 trillion. The cost of paying $50,000 of reparations to all the 600,000 Vietnam veterans who were drafted and are still alive, mostly of whom were poor and not well educated, $300 billion. I know where I would rather have the money go. The Republicans need to propose this ASAP as an alternative in order to stop this nonsense plus it would be a great campaign issue.

  5. He’s already there…👎🏼 The worst ever! I lived during the Carter years and he was bad …really bad but, this dude is an absolute disastrous train wreck! These polls are being way too kind. He’s under 40% already! Lowest of any, anywhere! 👎🏼👎🏽👎🏾

  6. Need to remind you that Joe Biden promised that he would shut the coronavirus down and look how that's been going. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think we had all of these variants during Donald Trump's presidency.

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