The Young Turks Have Been DENIED Access To The DNC, Dems Are Purging The Far left

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  1. As much as I hate The Young Turks they should be at that convention given their audience and the Dems are alienating alot of voters by denying TYT.

  2. The Democrats are the party of the Deep State. It is Washington DC and large Democrat-run cities against the American nation and its citizenry. This is the ultimate power play, preventing the average American from hearing the facts…replacing it with the narrative pushed by fake news.

  3. My thing is this… OK, let's say Trump wins and keeps the establishment out for four more years. What happens after that? Who will keep them out???

  4. They the democrats or Marxist will take out all the movements Blm, antifa sociast liberals, if they get power they won't need the useful idiots any more

  5. Look at history every communist takeover the useful idiots who were willing to betray their country are the first ones shot in the head . Read some books it's a recurring theme .

  6. If the DNC is really against the radical leftists they wouldn't have picked Camel ? Harris as VP and they wouldn't have allowed AOC at the convention no matter how short she would be allowed to speak.

  7. They do not report anything, they just rant against Trump. They push for companies to let unions in, but denied their own staff the right to join one.

  8. Payback for what YT did with getting AOC elected. The establishment Left never wanted AOC elected and they tolerate her until they can get her out.

  9. Lol @ Cenk still claiming TYT is the largest online "news channel" that smashes cable media outlets online.
    Well let's head over to socialblade and check TYT's main YouTube channel against Fox main YouTube channel see which gets more monthly views.
    TYT views last 30 days = 48.32M
    Fox views last 30 days = 292.85M
    Oh dear that does not compute with Cenk's claim lets check a few more networks YouTube channels.
    MSNBC views last 30 days = 189.459M
    CNN views last 30 days = 220.55M
    ABC News views last 30 days = 157.79M
    Cenk's claim is a joke and keep in mind here TYT's focus is online it's their sole domain they occupy it's what they built the business to do.
    Online stuff for these other networks is a sideline.

  10. What? The young turks are democrat crazies for sure and should they decide to change, id make them stay away from Republicans. Theyre insanely racist and cenk needs to be banned from owning a pet, that pervert!