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  1. Given how much film studios are obliged to pay the distributors it makes sense to let the cinemas go bust then buy them up for next to nothing. That would mean the studios could afford to take less per movie to make a profit.

  2. Ehrm, what Escapism? They had barely offered Escapism anymore. They kept putting Politics or Propaganda into it, so it stopped being Escapism. Good riddance.

  3. We want to push political narratives instead of news in the papers! Newspapers die. We want to push political narratives instead of stories in comics! Comics die. We want to push political narratives instead of entertain in movies! Movies die. Theres a trend here but SJWs and the woke industries that keep letting them in are too stupid to see it. Sports and video games are probably next.

  4. This is just a culture shift. One industry dies as others fall, people don't want to go to the movies anymore. More money will be placed in places like hulu, prime, netflix etc, on their originals. Onward and upward, as they say.

  5. Cinema costs have risen far too high for a consumer to justify. We will not use a credit card to see a movie, that’s ridiculous. Their inability to negotiate and invest properly has been their downfall. And it started long before the shut down.

  6. I've not been to the cinema in years…..its too expensive for families on low budget. I will never buy anything Disney or pander to Hollyweird capitalism. They care less about its customers. TTRP.

  7. I am an furloughed theatre manager. I miss working in the industry. I have looked ahead and made changes. I built my own studio and created my own channel on youtube. I am still in the industry at least just in a different platform. It really does suck. I am tired of these youtubers bagging on the theatre industry. Because its the popular thing to do right now. It just makes me so damn sad ???

  8. Screw Hollywood. We need to get back to reading books and supporting idiots that could care less if we starve as "the little people" from Mansions in Hollywood. Plenty of older movies to show the younger generation what ACTING was truly about – not just loud noises and fluff.

  9. Everything they release is middle shelf at best. I'm fine seeing the whole industry crumble, I just wonder whats going to replace all that business space. This is going to be felt at malls too lol. Truly a cultural change.

    Imo, theaters need to do sone kind if novelty aspect. The ones where you eat dinner or drive ins could probably survive.

  10. This looks more and more like that people cannot interacting anymore with other people, because when i went to the cinema we were there with MANY other people, and yes i talked also to some of them, now you sit at home now and that's it, maybe you have friends there and family, but MANY people do not have that, and that more and more places you cannot have friends and family anymore, same for all bars and eat/drink cafe's closing everywhere, in the Netherlander you can now have ONLY 3 people visiting you, and not more at the same time, it was 6 people a week ago.

    The future looks VERY bleak.

  11. You do realize that when the movie theaters fail, the chinese will buy them up, then they can totally control their propaganda machine allow they way from Disney to the consumer

  12. Hollywood movies used to wholesome entertainment for the most part years ago.
    I used to collect movies and I considered myself a “Home Theater enthusiast”.
    Now Hollywood has become a cesspool of evil.
    I refuse to give anymore of my money to these evil pedophiles and Satanists, who lecture the rest of us as if they see themselves as superior to the rest of us.
    Let the movie theaters go bankrupt!
    Let Hollywood go bankrupt!
    I would be fine with that.

  13. I work for AMC theaters and let me tell you all movie theaters get very little from ticket sales that all goes back to Hollywood yes concession prices are high but that's how they keep the doors open blame Hollywood if you're going to blame any one if the theater industry goes unde thousands of people will lose their jobs and be homeless it's not just the theater employees all the companies that provide everything the theater needs those people will be let go as well so there will be thousands of people affected this is not a funny situation Disney plus and they're direct-to-consumer it's all about greed they get 100% of the profit don't have to share the karma is a b****if I have no content to release they're probably going to be dimmed as well

  14. All this for a flat death rate…. who cares if people are testing positive if they can be medicated and, if your under 70, have a 99.5% recovery rate. This lockdown is Dem bullshit