#YouTube CEO Susan #Wojcicki has overseen the company’s transformation from a platform of content creators to a corporate megaphone. Only half of YouTube’s views now come from content creators. The age of #YouTubers is over. They don’t need us any more.

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  1. It's Hilarious that Wojcicki claims that the 10,000 youtube employees who review content have to get Counseling! Probably because they're Getting Red Pilled!!!

  2. Sargon, you and Laura Southern are discussed on a show, a damning rant about Patreon being in the news, and a terrible company (link, cued up).
    Advice to Pateron users to abandon ship, push payers to a competing service like subscribestar or new project2. Daily Blob show has a great examination of Patreon's recent 'cutting staff' statement vs the 'need to be less generous' story from last year. The company has burned through investor money 165 million and concerned about survival. Now it seems a health crisis is being used as 'cover' to cut 13% of staff in a bid to survive, a vital move that can be false-blamed on current events. Gets into Sargon and Laura Southern, removing big earners for good optics. Eli says the company is in big trouble long term, best to cut ties and bet against them, since the company won't survive, Patreon proved it''s failure, by cuts despite three positive developments, 50k+ new creators, higher revenue from them, strong cash position and financial position + growth long term since inception.
    Subscribestar likely has modest offices, barebones staff, and no execs requiring crazy money.

    Patreon LAYOFFS – "Strong Financial Position" ???

  3. As a westerner, I only watch RT, the only acceptable Msm with some free speech in its comments. Lets face it propagandists are accomplices to horrible crimes. Be it douma or 911.

  4. Can't we oppose all this shit and create truth channels on another platform? are we totally impotent? For god's sake let's do something!!!

  5. Saying trans women are men is a fact. I won't live in a world where stating facts isn't allowed. It simply means they will have to get over it. Any attempt to shut people up is pure manipulation. It's not trying to make a better world. A better world is free to point out facts, & call out bullshit. All silencing people will do is piss them off, & they will violently lash out. They are not going away.

  6. So does that mean that Broad cast yourself is up for grabs? How awesome would it be for another company to steal that Moto and set up an alternate to YouTube. Just start blasting it everywhere partially just to rub it in youtubes face and partially to red pill people to realize that YouTube is now more for corporations to take over and reach you.

  7. No matter how much I select 'not interested' I get late night chat shows. I'm just gunna keep searching 'Trever Noah is a twat' and 'John Oliver is a wanker' until the algorithm gets the hint.

  8. Yes, YouTube IS a publisher now. They started out as a platform to gain content so they could then profit from other people's work. They did that very thing… but that was not enough. They now are in fact a publisher by action. And I for one can't wait until they are sued as such. They will LOSE the lawsuit because their actions are that of a publisher… so… have at it, and all that comes with it.

  9. The government should be taking away YouTube and some of the other social media companies' "safe harbor" status, but the bureaucrats who wrote those rules don't actually care whether they are enforced fairly.