There Are People Who Want to Destroy our Society

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  1. Not so long ago in Ireland, there was a girl murdered, the last guy to be seen close to the area where she was killed was wanted for questioning, he presented himself and gave the police information, and social media wanted to hang him or lock him up and throw away the key or do all sorts of horrible inhumane things to him, ended up he was on the way home from the shops after buying cigs and had nothing to do with it. But Social media had him tried and sentenced in 5 minutes.

  2. Three privileged white guys determined to keep things that way. My gut feeling is that I've been watching something unpleasantly creepy. And I say that as a privileged white guy myself.

  3. Skin colour is not the problem, it's cultural differences. Humans are a tribal creature, and tribes are protective, for reasons of survival. Think of a macro level, people have loyalties on numerous levels, the street they live on, people they work with, political beliefs (unfortunately!), the make of car they drive, where they shop, etc, etc. And they will defend those loyalties, irrational though many of them are. Cultural change takes a very long time, it is an evolutionary process and change cannot be forced on people without causing resentment, and with resentment comes conflict and conflict can develop into war and worse. When part of the world is an industrialy developed, educated and socially enhanced, and another is third world primitve and still governed by religious dogma, conflict is almost guaranteed. So all this liberal virtue signalling about everyone should be seen as equal is just a pipe dream, the only thing that controls human social development is time. It's taken over a thousand years for what is now Great Britain to develop from wild tribes beating the sh1t out of each other to where we are now, not much better some might argue! But actually, in that time this country has changed the world, with industrialisation to democracy etc. It takes time.

  4. One of the problems is that leaders and politicians are old and cling on to power. Look at US politics. They all have their snouts in the trough and can’t even give up power at 75. There should be rules you can’t run for political office after 60. There needs to be clear routes to success for the young. When there isn’t we get a whole generation rebelling and be influenced by fringe nut jobs.

  5. And yet our government are eroding our NHS, our public services and driving more and more people into poverty whilst lining their pockets with tax payer and Russian money. And I'm being told to worry about BLM?

  6. Mate, it’s not the consensus,, it’s the minor manipulation of the pretend narrative of Twitter,, which, might be influenced by external regimes,, if Iam wrong, Twitter jurisdiction is just bull shit any way,, I. E white girl of mediocre posts shares pictures of new braided hair, or, OJ Simpson cracks the latest

  7. The history of the United States of America hasn't shown a human instinct to destroy until recently. The absence of a spiritual and moral compass is almost always a recipe for destruction.

  8. Dividing the West based on skin color is the best thing to happen to Western civilization. It's the most effective way to get it back under the control of the race who invented it.

    Even though the Left is doing it to destroy the West, they've made it possible again to think about the West racially. It's just a matter of flipping the script.

  9. You should Have Dr James Lindsay on, if you haven't already. He makes a pretty convincing case that, at the very least, all the racial stuff is being advanced by neo-Marxists who want to tear down society for a revolution.

  10. Why is instincts to destroy human nature and/but not insticts to create?? We have the destroyers and we have the creators, so as we have both neither is human nature as an universal characteristic

  11. The wisdom of reason and philosophy rolled into one. Most “citizens” of our Western world don’t have the intellect to comprehend what Douglas Murray says. Ninety percent of people will call him “racist”, a “Nazi” etc because they believe it’s is what their media overlords expect of them.

  12. Identity political will not lead to segregation. Identity politics will lead to a cast system. A cast system is a hierarchy. The woke elite will be on top. Empires are built on giving minorities power over the majority. The British favored the Tamil minority over the Sinhalese majority, the French favored the Tutsi over the Hutu majority, and the Belgians the Hutus over the Tutsi majority. So the left today in cynical fashion favors LBGTQ over straight, unbeliever over believer, intellectual over working class, women over men, black over white.

  13. All sides have been captured.
    The FED and finance are doing insane things.
    The left with Identity politics.
    The right with conspiracies and populism.
    The media has an interest in making money having everyone fight.
    True conservatives, society builders and pragmatists are surrounded on all sides desperately trying to protect what all sides built when they were still able to work together through their differences of opinion but could mostly agree on the facts.

  14. The desire to destroy, to pull down, the instinct to destruction is nicely contextualized in a Christian / biblical understanding of moral evil… of sin. What we are seeing today is rightly understood as being wickedness grown up… maybe not fully grown but grown up.

  15. Murray is wrong about Rittenhouse. The police were not protecting property and society was breaking down in Kenosha. Conservatives were trying to prevent that. The antifa were trying to break society down. Kyle got separated and the mob attempted a tram style killing. Kyle managed to defend himself. As a result in the medium term, more resources came to the area and society was preserved. Portland on the other hand…

  16. Complete pseudo-intellectual who just loves to hear himself blather on, thinking he's oh so profound when really it's absolute dribble. No wonder he thinks the term "far-right" is thrown around too often—he can't even understand how his own views neatly spill into far-right entryism.

  17. Because of the "Instinct to Destroy" a.k.a. Sin – Many people do not even have peace in their own hearts as such it is impossible for the Human Race to live in peace and harmony. Mankind needs the intervention of Christ – the Prince of Peace.

  18. Douglas Murray is a coward. He wants to blame women for everything awful that certain men are doing. I wish the Triggernometry guys had taken him up on this blind spot.

  19. Douglas alluded to The Cenotaph and I think Churchills statue in the context of civil disorder and he was right to do so. In my view it was the complete lack of duty and weakness by the Met police which was both alarming and fundamentally wrong and sent out a message to the 'rent a mob' which will I believe will come back to haunt the Met.

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