There is a need for formal harm-benefit analyses (from Livestream #133)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #133 (originally streamed live on July 06, 2022):

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Fraiman, J., Erviti, J., Jones, M., Greenland, S., Whelan, P., Kaplan, R.M. and Doshi, P., 2022. Serious Adverse Events of Special Interest Following mRNA Vaccination in Randomized Trials:

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  1. Here’s how it is at our house…much to my dismay hubs took two jabs…he didn’t have an acute reaction but now 9 month later he is basically medically incarcerated by all sorts of illnesses, prescriptions and no diagnosis of what is really going on…it’s that low level of disability that you referenced…quality of life is pretty much zero now.

  2. When your identity depends on the narrative on which you have built your identity, the ego will demand that you fight to the death to protect that narrative. Reason and objective analysis do not exist in this vacuum of self-interest and personal safety.

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