‘There Is No Cover Up’: Uvalde Mayor Confirms Body Cam Video WILL NOT Be Released

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to new developments in the investigation into the Uvalde police’s response to the Robb Elementary school shooting.

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw testifies at a Texas Senate hearing at the state capitol, Tuesday, June 21, 2022, in Austin, Texas. Two teachers and 19 students were killed in last month’s mass shooting in Uvalde. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

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  1. Every officer that was in the hallway should be looking for another job. You can't train the coward out of someone. They took an oath they can not and will not uphold. They should all be exposed and look at each parent in the face and beg for forgiveness. The entire Uvalde police force needs to be investigated.

  2. this is the results of 30 yeas of cowardly voters re electing the same creeps over and over not even the parents of the dead kids have the guts to do anything cops are all corrupted and traitors to freedom and liberty mock and make fun of them every time you see them

  3. The DPS was in the hall with the Uvalde Police , so what’s their excuse? The shooter was taken out by a Boarder Patrol, so why didn’t the DPS do the shooter in?

  4. I hope this teaches the bootlicking conservatives how important it is for body cam video to always be released, always. A number of conservative states have made accessing body cam videos hard to obtain.

  5. Did y'all forget that the Supreme Court Stated that the Police have "NO CONSITUTIENTAL DUTY TO PROTECT civilian?!!! Welcome to how poor ppl call 5.0 & they never show up or if they do, they show up hours later!!! Welcome to the New Reality that isn't new!!! Shameful and Extremely Triggering(not pun intended)!!!!!

  6. When you demolish that elementary School you also need to fire every last police officer …remake the police force.
    This makes me I'll if they can not protect the youngest citizens than they can't protect anyone….

  7. Call me a conspiracy nut but I fully believe this was a setup. The anti gun lobbyists paid some people off. Look at the timing of these mass shootings- always at election times..I know of no exceptions!!!

  8. Yes. It's like aircraft hijacking: before 9/11 hijackers wanted hostages, ransom, or even just publicity. Now, if you are on an aircraft that is being hijacked, you must assume that you will die if you do nothing.

  9. "Body cam video will not be released." That is the very epitome of cover up

    Of course the body cam footage is sensitive. It likely exposes the guilty, who must be protected at all costs.

  10. Smh… Cops seem to relish in wearing tactical gear and guns, and living the SWAT commando life. But when the rubber meets the road, there is a risk that should be assumed.

  11. Everyone was following orders which is what they are supposed to do. The blame lands on one sholders. The supervisor. Looked at the locked doors wasn't sure if they lock automatically and can only be opened by a key or the doors don't lock at all but they looked like the type that don't lock at all. Sickening.

  12. The Mayor is a lazy idiot. We want his resignation. The chief and all officers that stood in the hall doing nothing. Unlocked doors? Texas is full of lazy government people in a buddy system in just about every little town. Time to FIRE and clean departments. They are school police and not one was on campus. No one should have been waiting for an order to go in they don't have to with a live gunman shooting children.

  13. While those Uvalde cops are clearly incompetent beyond comprehension, not an ounce of our ire should be wasted on anybody else except our depraved congress that has chosen to do nothing all these years despite decades of increasing mass-shootings and other preventable gun violence.

    The Uvalde shooting (and so many others) likely could have been prevented if only congress would have taken any of them seriously.

    They all breathe a sigh of relief as we focus on the latest flare-up and not the underlying problem (which is undeniably them).

    We all know solutions for this gun violence problem would be swift and sure if metal detectors and guards were not protecting the entrances of the capitol.

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