‘There Will Be No More Lockdowns’

Have you heard the rumours of an impending lockdown in Victoria, Australia?

Back on 3 Dec 2021 we explored the claim by renowned writer Robert Gottliebsen that ‘there will be no more lockdowns’ in NSW or Victoria because they amount to political suicide.

‘Any state government that inflicts another lockdown on these two groups can forget about being elected at their next election.’

We however came to a general consensus that Gottliebsen is mistaken…there will indeed some form of ‘lockdown’ although by another name.

Happy 2022 Australia.

This is a segment from The People’s Project episode ‘Daniel Andrews Will Lose The Next Election’:


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Written by Discernable


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  1. If you had a kid who had cancer, and had to avoid covid because their immune syatem was already compromised, would you want to see the nurses green tick before they treated your child? or a rapid antigen test? Green ticks and vaccine passports mean nothing anymore. Anywhere with high volumes of vaccinated people is a petrie dish of plagued people.

  2. No, you really can never say never, unfortunately. That's just how he is, so why would anyone assume we've seen an end to Andrews behaviour? He's something else. People very rarely change.

  3. There’s no choice on this one. People have made themselves sick with masks, jabs, and now boosters. The real sickness is about the begin.
    You’re actually going to want lockdown this time ♾

  4. There absolutely will be more lockdowns, and the rumor is Melbourne will be back in lockdown in the next week. And if you believe the 'vaccination' rates the Govt announces, you're a complete idiot

  5. The truth is, lockdowns are destroying not only small business, but peoples lives too. Let’s not forget, the rich can ride out a lockdown. The poor cant. Vaxxed or not, it’s not about case numbers. It’s about death per case. Which is minimal. The collateral damage from vaccine mandates,& lockdowns, is far worse than the virus itself. When the Fuck are people going to wake up to this fact.
    3 doses,& you can still catch & transmit the virus. The current system is simply not working. Unless, they want more suicides,broken families, home loss, unemployment, ect, this has to change. It’s truly time, MP’s give up on the 2 year vax only narrative,& look at other measures to rid the country of Covid once & for all.
    Unless, they want to bankrupt the country?
    Otherwise we’ll be still chasing our tails in another 2 years,& 6 boosters later, stuck in the same position.
    Why do I feel like I’m the o ly one that can see this?
    Unless, or course. There’s an alternative sinister agenda?

  6. And now … 'Flurona'?! Its been the flu all along, especially in light of the latest admissions the covid numbers have been inflated (the 'with' vs 'of' debate), coupled with the info coming out as well about the Propaganda Machine (News Media) Ch7 / Ch9 / Ch10 getting tax breaks for the years they were reporting The Narrative. They could TRY more lockdowns but the horse has bolted (besides, I havent complied so far, why would I start now?).

  7. We are on a never ending road of boosters. The vax is GMO technology that's already causing 1 in 2 people to get cancer. I recommend Zach Bush MD for actual peer reviewed science. Shits about to get real.

  8. Focused lockdowns going on every minute of everyday.
    Mums in a aged care facility in Warragul Vic that when into “lockdown” from the 22 December with individual isolation of all residents to their rooms for 10 days whilst waiting for 2 rounds of PCR testing of negative results to allow them out of their rooms.
    Still now waiting for a third test residents can’t leave the facility for anything but medical appointments, the east wing can’t mix with the west wing, there’s no activities or association allowed in the common areas including reception and there’s no visitors allowed until at least the 10th of January.
    All staff and residents are double jabbed and they’ve just introduced RA testing for staff and others before entry.

    This is how government health see vaccinated people “living”:in the future. There’s something not right in the heads of those who have migrated themselves to positions of authority, the lack common sense, real word analysis, and balance is obvious in these frauds.

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