There’s something out there with the power to unleash things that it cannot keep under control

Bret speaks with Konstantin Kisin in London about fatherhood, thinking in public, and human extinction.
Konstantin Kisin is a Russian-British comedian, social commentator, and co-host of the Triggernometry podcast.
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  1. It could be more beneficial to live like the Amish. You can have food, shelter, light, warmth, education, entertainment, clothing, textiles, tools and transportation without electricity.
    It’s just effective medical care which would require electricity.

  2. Another Carrington event would creat havoc I'm sure but man (as a race) will eventually destroy itself and the planet will just shake off humans like a bunch of fleas simply because we didn't pay enough attention and became insufferably arrogant.

  3. Bret, we are doing dry cask storage at most US nuclear plants. This is due to the limited space in spent fuel pools (a logistical concern), but it also lessens the heat load on the pools to delay short term problems due to loss of cooling. Other than that, you have a remarkably solid grasp of the issues.

  4. Our current solar cycle is due to experience peak solar activity in the next few years (2024-25)….it’s all just a matter of time….thank you Brett for speaking the truth and calling attention to matters of great importance…..

  5. I pointed it out in 2016. The NWO & all their puppets will literally do anything & everything to destroy America, the world, humanity to a level they can completely control, they think. Local mass murder, global pharmaceutical genocide, global starvation included. Plus forced bankruptcy, subversion of common sense, logic, morality & law. Normalized absurdity as a weapon against decency. There is only one solution. No crisis makers, no crisis.

  6. I’ve been thinking about the potential “solar flair” threat since reading about it 5 years ago. It kills me to imagine that we are doing nothing about it.

  7. I like Brett’s ‘big picture’ outlook that throws the focus away from a selfish point of view. Another helpful view of the world can had by looking into the research of biologist Jeremy Griffith and his free book ‘Freedom’.

  8. The biggest, most immediate existential threat is the Climate Crisis.
    Climate systems experts w/o hidden agendas/affiliations give us about 7.5 yrs before the global ave temp rises to 2C. That will make huge land tracks unlivable across the globe. It’s already happening in India & Africa. I’m a retired biologist. Definitely don’t take my word for it,
    Check out Canadian Climate Systems Expert, Paul Beckwith, PhD on YouTube. He explains what’s happening, translates the latest data, journal articles & analysis into terms the average person can understand (including me bc this is not my wheelhouse). It’s free. His goal is to provide information

  9. The depths of hell are being unleashed…demonic stuff everywhere! Orthodox Christianity is the Ark! No fear of death! Christ has trampled down death by His death and His resurrection gives us life after we lose our bodies temporarily! 🥰🙏🏻☦️

  10. And why does the Sun's EM magnetosphere increase in intensity every 12,000 years at the Alpha/omega equinoxes for a 1,000 years?

    "As it is above so it is below."

    We live in an electric universe powered by Double Torus magnets as evidenced with EM energy captured using EM isolation silver in solar panels, Galactic Nucleus, Sun's Magnetosphere earth's magnetosphere Double torus.

    Jesus warned us about the Anti-Goylumites and these the climate change END TIMES with the book of REVELATIONs & the cause with the 7 north stars of the PRECESSION of the Alpha/Omega equinoxes he held in his hand.

    Man made predictors of the climate change END TIMES cycles (Precession cycle, Yuga cycle, Mayan Calendar cycle, Stone henge, Georgia Guide Stones, Mayan Ball court, Pyramids obelisks, Alpha/Omega Vernal Autumnal equinoxes, Leap year, Magnetic north).

    Every 12,000 years our solar system crosses over through the centre of our galaxies double torus magnet causing magnetic north to max out at 24.5 degrees east to west increasing or decreasing declination depending upon which side of he Galactic plain Milky way we are on and heading towards or away from.

    Welcome to the END TIMES the climate disasters your witnessing now are just the birthing pains as Jesus refereed to them. Mother Earth's WATER won't break until the 2033 conjunction of the planets pulls the oceans around the planet east to west 800 mph at the equator and every 40 years thereafter when the planets are in conjunction of the millennia it takes to eclipse the galactic plain.

    "Ye of little faith in humanity."

  11. His job is to deliver the wonders of the experience of living to as many people in the future as possible…Why? Just for the sake of it? He might as well have said his job is to deliver suffering to as many people in the future as possible too.. because Life is composed of both awe and horror… Without a greater ultimate Meaning behind all experience why would you pick delivering experience to future generations as your job? Just why? For its own sake? Ok I guess… for myself the “job” I have picked is to struggle against my fallen human passions and sinfulness in prayer to get as close to Theosis as I can before my body gets separated from my soul… AND to try to the best of my ability to LOVE (through self sacrificing actions and not mere emotion) the people I come into contact with each day in each precious moment. It’s the paradigm of meaning I have chosen after 64 years of searching… through science, intellectual pursuits (PhD in clinical psychology), the arts, a western Hindu meditation cult, Protestant and Roman Catholic Christianity. I have found Orthodox Christianity to contain the complete means to progress towards inner healing and transformation of the human person to become someone who is actually as much “like” Jesus Christ (when He walked the earth) as possible. Lord have mercy on me the sinner! 🙏🏻☦️🙏🏻🥰🥰🥰

  12. We’ve lost. We lavished in the pleasures of the world while the behemoth grew around us. Some of us worked our asses off to set up a future for our children and stuck together as a family unit only to have it ripped away by an elite that see us as plebs. Many wont believe till it’s standing at their door.

  13. As long as things can be regressive mechanics. Just like the perfecting of every university job since the 50 s how to keep an individual replaceable, sensitive to power, subjective and as unsubstancial as it can

  14. Remember no matter what one believes The God of all creation is in control and there will be a thousand year rein of Christ Jesus on this very earth we live on today. Amen

  15. Geez Bret…..break that bad habit of yours of saying, 'RIGHT' every few seconds. Your students must have lost their minds having to listen to that……right?

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