Thermogeddon 🌞

Oh no, it’s summer, panic!

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  1. I’m howling at all the non working mothers on FB keeping their little darlings home from school because apparently they cannot trust the teachers to ensure their kids are eating and drinking 🤔😏

  2. I remember Al Gore waddling up to the podium in 2003 and promising us that Manhattan would be under 6 feet of water by 2010 if we didn't immediately address climate change.

  3. Been alive over 40 years and the summer weather hasn't changed at all. It's too hot during summer, too cold during winter and just right during fall. When it's 90 degrees during January, I'll start to worry.

  4. In Las Vegas, Laughlin etc. Nevada temperatures were under reported for about a half a century. To promote people coming there to gamble in the summer. Now they’re reporting the accurate temperature because it behooves them to do so.
    Now I factually know this as I know the temperature boxes we’re under reporting the temperature as everybody had thermometers in Las Vegas and Laughlin and the temperatures would be 122°F even 124°F and higher in a heat wave. But it was never reported that hot. NEVER. Now oh my gosh now it’s the time to report it.

  5. When it's 31C in Arizona it's considered cool because 38-45C is the norm in there and people just love to live there.
    Here in Europe we allegedly are in a crisis. I thought that humans were the same all over the planet. That there's no difference. So how can people in Arizona (especially the native Americans in the pre colonial times without AC) survive and we "die" in a heat crisis.

  6. We need to start calling these climate cultists 'climate-phobic'.
    "Ooooh nooo! The climate's changing!!!!!" So? The climate has changed for thousands of years and will continue to change. It's called nature. Nobody tell these leftists that the "climate changes" every day when the sun comes up.
    Also, ask them, "what is your goal?" They'll reply "to stop climate change". How are they going to do that and WHY would you ever want to do that??? Freeze the planets so there's constantly one temperature everywhere that never changes????? Leftists are insane.

  7. I do believe that climate change is real, but I DON'T believe in the climate hysteria. It's NOT the apocalypse, people!
    There are ways to manage your temperature that don't even require air conditioning. Look at how the Middle East and Africa does it!
    Middle east outdoor bazaars have overhead shade coverings to protect people from the sun beating down on them – look to these kind of innovations first, before you crank the AC!
    Maybe take an umbrella to shade yourself from the sun, hang an awning over your windows, get a patio umbrella (if you have a porch) – and yes, if needed, there's AC!

  8. The British media: the weather in Britain is over 30 degrees its the end of the world!

    Brits going on holiday because it usually involves enjoying weather over 30 degrees:

    What exactly is the problem here?!

  9. You have to admit it's brilliant though, Paul. They astroturfed hysteria for made up crises precisely around everything people love to bitch and moan about: the weather(climate alarmism), their spouse(sexism), their employer(racism) and their mild bodily discomforts(the Chinese cough).

  10. So, the hottest temperature on that chart was 33 degrees Celsius, or 91.4 Fahrenheit. That's actually a bit lower than average summer weather where I am from in Texas. That's the kind of weather where you go to the lake or beach and soak up some sun Good old vitamin D.

  11. Who gives a crap if it gets hotter? One of the defining characteristics of our species is that we adapt to whatever environment we're presented with. Heating and cooling trends have gone on many times since we first evolved. Get a grip, all of you crybaby whiners.

  12. It's 40 degrees like 6 days in a row in California. 43 degrees in Vegas like weeks in a row and everyone goes to work. This year isn't even that hot.

  13. F***IN P*$$*S i have been restoring Classic Yachts and Automobiles as a freelance Artist for 40 yrs. here on Padre Island TEXAS …… OUTSIDE !!! or in a metal building shop , its 90+ degrees for 8 months of the year , i keep Yachts that i like for myself and run Cocktail Cruise Charters for tourists in the '' SUMMER '' , my daily drivers have been , Lotus Europa , Alfa Spider , E Type Jag NO AC in any of them !!! the SHEEPLE really are SOY BETA SISSYS

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