These Controversial Accounts Are Set To Be Reinstated By Elon Musk

For a variety of reasons – denying the 2020 election result, passing along COVID “misinformation,” targeting others for harassment, etc. – any number of Twitter users have previously been and remain banned from the platform, including the likes of Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and Sidney Powell. But now Elon Musk has announced he will likely be reinstating these accounts and more. But will Twitter become a raging hellscape as a result?

Jimmy and The Convo Couch’s Craig “Pasta” Jardula discuss which type of misinformation and threats would get you banned from social media and which wouldn’t.

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  1. Technically Bannon was banned because he said Fauci and Wray's head should be on a Pike outside the White House.
    It was more figure of speech than it was actually a call for their beheading.

  2. I’m an old man and I haven’t had to buy baby supplies for decades. But I got lost in the pharmacy at Walmart when I noticed that they have to lock up stuff like Enfamil to prevent theft. They weren’t locking up the beer and vodka. We’re sending billions overseas every day and we have to lock up milk for sick babies so the mothers won’t have steal it. I can’t support a damn thing our government does.

  3. "drastic headcount reduction"… and twitter is still functioning. Kinda says something when 75% of employees are fired and the company still seems to be running. Lots of 4 hour total work week engineers I guess.

  4. Net neutrality removed the protection that sites used to have. Users used to be liable for user created content. Since "net neutrality", sites can be held liable for what users post…

  5. Strange that almost every (but not all) banned accounts appear to be on one side of the political divide. Kinda explains why Democrats are so angry over Musk's new free speech policy.

  6. As I Kimberly A Sample continue to say it's still Time to (Face Off) For the Truth Peacefully PODCASTERS) Truth Warriors Each one Speak to one… Keep on Keeping it Real A(COUNTRY) to Save Along with the (Children) Let's get to Work! ON OUR MOVEMENT FOR IMPROVEMENT Because All Lives Matter!

  7. If people aren't banned from Twitter, how will we survive the cold winter? How will we feed our children? How will we heal our sick? This is a tragedy! An outrage!! A disaster!!! How will we house the homeless? How will we do anything except crumble into chaos? This is the end of Western civilization. What, oh what, will we ever do?

  8. Milo Yiannopoulos (who I don't like, but that's irrelevant here) did NOT "harass" Leslie Jones. He just criticized her BS statements about the feminist Ghostbusters movie, and encouraged his followers to repeat the tweet. That really doesn't matter to a media-coddled Hollywood type like Leslie Jones. But she pretended that it was a shocking thing that hurt her feels. Actually – Twitter contacted HER about it. The leftist Jack tweeted to her and said he'd talk to her in PMs, and then he banned Milo. After the 2016 election – EXACTLY one week after – Jack dropped the mask and banned probably 150 leading right-wing dissent accounts. Even an account that did NOTHING except post memes from Reddit and the chans, never interacted with anyone. Until the election they pretended to be for free speech, but then Trump won. Then it was Plan B, ban the Right.

  9. Imagine a world where not everyone agrees with you. Oh, the horror of it all. This must be the work of anti-trans, white supremacist fascists. We must all cover ourselves in the intellectual bubble wrap and straw man arguments of the lefty Twitter mobs so as to quell those pesky alternative ideas and criticisms that demand that they defend their principles.

    I find it interesting that the only conspiracy theories that are considered baseless are the ones that fit the media narrative. I also question why anyone would want to join and participate in the unlicensed day care center that is Twitter

  10. @Jimmy: Should´t all government opposition like yourself and alike join to go together to one platform? Maybe one that encourages free speech? And shouldn´t you leave all censored places? I know many can´t afford it now, but it should at least be a common goal and talked about. As you do have leverage as a community of lefties that has millions of followers, you should use it and profit from your shows somewhere else where censorers don´t profit from it.

  11. It's so rich when shitlibs pretend that Twitter will be a a hellscape of hate and racism under Elon Musk's leadership. Newsflash: it has been a hellscape of hate and racism under the former leadership too, but it's the kind of hate and racism that shitlibs like.

    Hatred against men, hatred against heterosexuals, hatred against cis (i.e people who aren't trans), hatred against white people. Antisemitism when it can be superficially framed as criticism of Israel (hint: If you want to criticize Israel, don't address "the Jews"). And last but not least, intense racist hatred against minorities who don't vote Democrat or are sceptical about woke ideas such as Critical Race Theory.

    Since the BLM Summer of Rage 2020, I've been following quite a few minority persons who are conservative, libertarians or classical liberals, and the open racism they have to endure from shitlibs who call themselves "anti-racists" is quite shocking. And none of it is ever banned by the platforms, which just shows that this urge for censorship isn't about racism or hatred at all.

  12. Just not mine, which was suspended for a tweet where I complimented Eddie Izzard and cited his legendary special. Reason? My complimentary tweet incited violence, lol. OK. Makes total sense.

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