“These guys live in an upside-down world”: Convoy lawyer Keith Wilson on officials’ testimony

Visit to support our exclusive coverage of the Emergencies Act inquiry in Ottawa. Freedom Convoy lawyer Keith Wilson joined Sheila Gunn Reid to discuss how government officials often refer to the supposed societal and financial harms caused by the convoy protests but fail to mention the harm caused by lockdowns and mandates.

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  1. When I was a Youth…visiting as a somewhat Adult in Ottawa… I saw a few Native Canadians protesting in front of the "Eternal Flame" "thing" in front of Parliament in the Early 90's…. It was Obvious they were camping in a Tent. It was also obvious they were there for a while. No Body reacted to to it or became Enraged by it. This was the early 90's… How Canada has changed since then…when "Politics didn't Trump an Every Person's Rights"… I guess 2023 will become a Poker Game…POLILITICS…as TOXIC as every persons need for "mind altering" substances… Some of us "users"…still remember a "non using" Life so…"FUCK YOU" Federal Government!!! Some People WORK HARD and PLAY HARD and we all thought our PRIVATE LIVES were PROTECTED… FUCK THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT…STOP….PERIOD…THE END…BIG MIDDLE FINGER…

  2. Most of those cops probably sit around playing call of duty and fantasize about opportunities to use citizens for target practice dehumanize the very folks that pay their salary get their food from farm to table etc. Just because their spoiled brat leader Trudeau thought it would be fun.

  3. “Out of touch” is not the word.,,I would say “inconsiderate “ and “selfish “ is more like it! They didn’t care, their beliefs were they only thing that counted even if they were wrong! They would never apologize if they found out they were….that’s called narcissistic!!!

  4. It was totally beautiful how well the truckers handled the situation that was put in front of them. They performed like a professional football team looking out for your team and getting their business done. No one got hurt by the truckers no mess left to clean up nothing but cooperation and peace.

  5. Oh my goodness, teflon trudeau has all his fall guys lined up, willing to take the consequences, accept responsibility, being culpable for his corruption. FREEDOM♥️🇨🇦

  6. The evidence has shown the negative position of the Government and the senior civil servants BEFORE the convoy even arrived. The Government took the position that the Convoy was the ‘enemy” rather than a group of concerned citizens

  7. Why would they have all hands on deck to prepare in case the EA were to be considered, if the invocation of the EA had not been in the air, that is, that Blackface had not said to enough people that he was thinking about it.

  8. I truly believe that Tamara Lich will be held high along with Canadian greats as Terry Fox and more . Justin Trudeau will go down as the most narcissistic reviled person to ever sit in the office of Prime Minister of our great Canada we love from coast to coast to coast . Trudeau is a divider not a uniter Justin Trudeau's hand is all over this ! Omar Khadr , who killed and received millions of $$$ was treated better than Tamara Lich . God Bless Tamara C A McLean

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