These People Are Criminals.


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  1. WEF and pundits, 4th Reich today continues the Nazi agenda, run by crypto-Nazis, disguised as Globalists, the likes of Fauci, Soros, WEF, MSM, DNC, Klaus, Merkle, Jacinda, Freeland, Trudeau,FB, twtr, ….. using the stolen billions of WWII, the Nazis had hidden in Switzerland!

    These Globalists of the 4th Reich, hold America, Russia and EU responsible, for Nazis losing WWII, and are doing everything they can to severely punish America and us all!

  2. In these days when information travels at the speed of light around the world, what news is reported must be true, otherwise it does tremendous damage, policing is a joke, the answer is when Politicians, public figures or Media, knowingly lies, they must be removed , prosecuted and banned from public office for life, as for media, reporters that knowingly lie on their platform, the platform gets a huge fine, and the individual who published those lies, gets fired and is never allowed to hold a reporting, editing or publishing job the rest of his life. This way false narratives will be suppressed, without having to use fake fact checkers, the individual himself will not risk losing his livelihood, this way the Information police is the persons own ethic! Much better than using bidens info poppins Tzaar!

  3. A woman is a girl that grows up playing with dolls, gets married to a man, gets pregnant, becomes a mother, raises and nurtures children with her husband as a family! She becomes the CEO of the most important Corporation in this world, THE FAMILY!

  4. Regular folks can be prosecuted and go to jail for insider trading, but politicians and their family’s can make stock purchases in companies that their legislation directly effects? Double standard?

  5. Not going to happen. She a Marxists democrats. They don't get in trouble example hunter. Liberal privalge or political privalge or Marxists privalge or communist privalge. Take your pick

  6. By definition, when you are ABOVE the laws you pass, you are royalty. If you think we don't have a royal or noble class here in the colonies you are by definition delusional. Have a good life peasant! Bow down and grovel.

  7. What gets me is that leftists are that blatantly criminal, yet they keep getting voted in by massive margins. It is either there is a metric ton of impropriety happening that is never questioned due to the areas being deep blue areas, or the people that are voting are profoundly sociopathic.

  8. you should mention that Americans confidence in congress is in like the low 30 percent pretty sure. also, an overwhelming amount approves of term limits for congress. the American people have had enough of these life long career apex criminals.

  9. Since Democrats have a habit of PROJECTING their criminal mentality and actions onto trump and anyone close to him, this is logical.If you want the truth, use a mirror.

  10. The greed of the Pelosi family is staggering. Despite that this just happened with the ec stock..the GREEEED makes them do it much money is enough??? Pisses me off because they know nothing will happen and they will never be charged or even questioned. Disgusting example of privelige and gluttony.

  11. "This must be investigated." Maybe one day, it will, but these people will be long gone before then. They will retire to some country or island where they cannot be extradited for their crimes. Fauci announced his retirement for the same reason.

  12. Congress has made laws to insure a steady income from stock purchases. The Congressman cannot do the act themselves and they must disclose the trade. Family members have been shown to have incredible instincts for stock trades. And they all voted to make this legal.

  13. I have to point out that the insider trading is only the lesser issue. Why in the name of all that is holy are people not incensed about all this tax payer money being directed to businesses that are not supplying product to our government? This should be Constitutionally illegal, but barring a Constitutional convention, it should be illegal, period. This is why so many people get away with the intellectually devoid assertion that capitalism is evil. THIS IS NOT CAPITALISM. This is, as you say, crony capitalism. This is the big ripoff of the country. This must end! It is one of the key problems that this country (and many others) is dealing with. If you want to fix inflation, now and in the future, get real and start making a stnk about this. There is no such thing as "too big to fail". If the corporation or business is failing, let it fail. THAT is capitalism.

  14. Trump he work all he’s life make he’s money the democrats Start out of are text money of the people they corrupt their hands on the quick jar that’s the difference.

  15. Suddenly capitalism is bad? Perhaps you intended to say that it's not real capitalism, real capitalism hasn't been tried yet.
    Lol this is real capitalism, at it's best. Theyre profiting and employing people, driving the economy, what else is needed to identify it as such?

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